Ultimate Customization Fitgirl by AntiLoser

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Payback

Ultimate Customization Fitgirl

Adds hidden bumpers to Dodge challenger in visual customization
Adds Morohoshi-san parts to diablo in visual customization
Adds Hidden Hood to Mazda RX7
Adds Hidden Rear Bumpers to Mazda MX5 96 (a hidden mazda bumper that seems to look identical to the other one)
Adds Hidden Front Bumpers to BRZ (Debadged and Km4sh)
Adds Hidden Trunk Lids to BRZ
Adds Wheels to Beck Kustoms
Adds Hidden roof to S2000
Adds Hidden roof to MX5 96
Adds Hidden Rear Bumper to Regera
Adds Hidden KAKIMOTO parts to Honda NSX
Adds Hidden license plates to customization
Adds Hidden Derelict parts to Ford Hotrod
Adds Nissan GTR 15 to Race Dealership (with hidden parts made available)
Adds hidden Spoiler to BMW M3 E46

Also removes part restrictions
Removes Restrictions on Derelict Superbuild parts
Also allows removal of hoods and roofs (on some cars)
Adds more live tuning and stance options (only applies to cars bought with mod active)
latest version removes 299 limit on cars with improved performance for those cars
Latest version includes 299 cars missed

Mod Manager may be required since i could not do this mod with earlier versions of the frosty editor


1. Downloard Mod, and Frosty Mod Manager
2. Place Mod into Mods folder of Mod Manager
3. Open mod manager and select payback exe (if first time use)
4. Select mods to active
5. Launch game through manager



AntiLoser (June 16, 2019 @ 18:56)
Uploaded https://nfsmods.xyz/mod?id=1102
It may take a bit before it is approved

Marco3156 (June 11, 2019 @ 17:36)
Can you please check? I had a mod like it once from Paybackmodder but g took it down and my laptop got infected with a virus so I lost the file

AntiLoser (June 06, 2019 @ 20:21)
somewhat, i would have to each part manually and apply them to the stock car.
i could apply the wrap they use easily, i have already done this before (i may not have uploaded this though)

Marco3156 (June 06, 2019 @ 16:51)
AntiLoser is it possible to mod the dealerships to buy the iconic cars throughout the story of the game such as Tyler's Skyline, Mac's Bel air, the M5 from the rigged race, the mustang that Rav built at the very start of the game, etc?

AVENTADOR (May 23, 2019 @ 14:25)
yeah i tried but i don't give result


Uploaded at: April 02, 2019 @ 14:30


3b92b4-Ultimate Customization.zip (Size: 2.97MB) Latest Version
98f5d5-Ultimate Customization.zip (Size: 2.97MB) Old Version
78602f-Ultimate Customization.rar (Size: 5.11MB) Old Version