Toyota Corolla GT-S (ADDON) by C0mmunityMindedMiner

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Toyota Corolla GT-S (ADDON)

Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 from NFS World. Converted by C0mmunityMindedMiner.

-Fixed a error in the .nfsms file that wasn't able to use the third engineaudio.

- Fixed an issue from 2.0 where the Decals UV Mapping were corrupted.
- Updated upgraded engine sound. (Restored unused Trueno_AE86.gin sound from UG2)

- Car now has aftermarket hoods ported from NFS ProStreet.
- UV Vinyl Mapping on Body Kit 2 has been fixed.


- 5 Body Kits. (Each kit with different exhaust NOS mountpoints.)
- Spoiler mountpoints.
- Aftermarket Hoods.
- Roof Scoop mountpoints.
- Vinyl files, both x512 and x1024. (Two Tone manufacturer vinyl is BODY1)
- Window Tints, double layered to match vanilla cars' windows.
- Decals for every body kit.
- Numbers Decals.

Before installing, remember to make Backup files before making any mistakes.

- speed.exe v1.3 (5.75MB) Replace the speed.exe in the NFSMW directory.
- NFS-VltEd
- Ed - The Car Dealer!
- NFSMW Unlimiter

If you don't have a 1.3 exe for your game, search 'NFS Most Wanted NO DVD Crack RELOADED' on your search engine.


Ed - The Car Dealer!:

NFSMW Unlimiter:


1. Copy the NFSMW Unlimiter files into the NFSMW Game directory (scripts folder and dinput8.dll)

2. Copy the 'Config' and 'Resources' files into the 'Ed - The Car Dealer!' file directory.

3. Open Ed.exe as Administrator, click Main/Open (or Ctrl+O), select your NFSMW game directory and click 'OK'.

4. Click on COROLLA on the File Name menu to select and press Apply. This will add the new car's address into the game's GLOBALB file.

5. Open NFS-VltEd as Administrator, click File/Open (or Ctrl+O), select your NFSMW root directory and press 'OK'.

6. Click File/Import/Modscript (or press Ctrl+I), open Install.nfsms from the Mod's main folder.

7. There are two options for Vinyl resolutions, only pick one:

- Original PC quality (512x512 vinyls)
- Xbox 360 quality (1024x1024 vinyls)

For the higher quality Xbox 360 vinyls, here's the link:

Game can only run one Vinyl resolution quality at once, cars with x512 vinyls next to cars with x1024 vinyls will result in crashing.

Choose the vinyl quality depending on your game's current vinyl files and click 'install'.

This will install the car's performance and frontend info into the game's GLOBAL folder.

8. Click File/Save (or Ctrl+S), Click Game/Run (or Ctrl+Alt+G) to run the game.

9. Create a new save game to see the added car. You should've completed the adding process here.

10. To see the added car in older save game, use Save Patcher by MWInside to patch an old save. (NFSMW save files are in Documents/NFS Most Wanted)

Save Patcher by MWInside:!yaQ2gawQ!fQY344JgtA77BlsFOrBelw


NOTORIOUS7302 (April 04, 2020 @ 21:50)
Never mind

NOTORIOUS7302 (April 04, 2020 @ 04:43)
Unfortunately, you've somehow changed the CARS folder to corolla but it remains to be named gts in the .nfsms file. Is there a solution to this?

domk001 (January 27, 2020 @ 13:07)
Hi C0mmunityMindedMiner,
can you convert the Audi r8 from world to most wanted or the chevelle ss?

damageW (November 29, 2019 @ 17:30)
can you made closed headlight version?

Lughzi (November 20, 2019 @ 23:23)
C0mmunityMindedMiner, your mod is very good but unfortunately i can't use it, because the modscript Install.NFSMS was corrupted and can't be used, can you fix this issue as soon as you are available? thanks.

Uploaded at: April 04, 2019 @ 15:02


149066-NFSMW - COROLLA v2.2.rar (Size: 27.4MB) Latest Version
5c0dc2-NFSMW - COROLLA v2.1.rar (Size: 27.4MB) Old Version
e8abb2-NFSMW - COROLLA v2.0.rar (Size: 27.4MB) Old Version