2005 Ford Mustang GT (S197) [Replace] by nlgzrgn

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2005 Ford Mustang GT (S197) [Replace]

NFS World
2005 Ford Mustang GT (S197)

Technical Information:

Converted by: nlgzrgn
Converted from: NFS Most Wanted, Carbon, World.
Car folder name (XName): MUSTANGBOSS12



- Body Kits: Stock + 3 (Wide Body Kits)
- Spoilers
- Hoods: Stock only
- Rims
- Neons
- Window Tints
- Lowering Kits
- License Plates

- Any performance part

Skill Mods:
- Any skill mod part

- Paint / Vinyls



- Vanilla "Marc De Vellis??" and "Ling Chan??" driver models from NFS World.
- LOD parts
- Working brakelights on/off textures.
- Damage (Scratches)
- Source files for NFS-CarToolkit v2.5 (Modding Resource)


Known Issues:

- Damage scratches may be missing if you apply any "placeholder" (non-wide) body kits.
- Please report if you see any other issues.



1) Create backups of these files:
- Global: Attributes.bin, FE_Attrib.bin, Commerce.bin

2) Install the "_MUSTANGBOSS12-Setup.nfsms" using NFS-VltEd:
1) Download NFS-VltEd and install it:
2) Open NFS-VltEd. When the main window appears, select File > Open from the menu bar.
3) A new dialog will appear. Choose your game installation (Data) directory.
4) Select File > Import > ModScript from menu bar, or press "Ctrl+I".
5) Select the "_MUSTANGBOSS12-Setup.nfsms" from the dialog and click OK.
6) Mod script installation dialog will appear. Click Install to install the mod.
7) Save the files by selecting File > Save from menu bar, or pressing "Ctrl+S".
8) Quit the tool.
- Note: It's recommended to reinstall the car with every new update. But when you do that, VltEd may show some errors. You can safely ignore them.

3) Run your game and select "Ford Mustang Boss 302 '12".

4) Enjoy your new car!


Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

* Fixed UV mapping issues for tires and brake rotors.

* Fixed an issue which prevents you from applying vinyls onto the car.
* Fixed badging glow.
* Fixed taillights.

! Initial release.



- nfsu360 for NFS-CarToolkit and NFS-VltEd, which make modding the game just easier.
- Oleg Melashenko for ZModeler v2.2.5, where most of the conversion work is done.
- nlgzrgn for converting the car.


© 2019 nlgzrgn @ ExOpts Team. No rights reserved.


edoo1 (June 01, 2019 @ 16:58)
reyiz o nasil bir monitördür. Hayatimda böyle Resolution görmedim

KomandoUgur (April 14, 2019 @ 09:50)
Başarılı bir çalışma Anıl.

LukyBR (April 13, 2019 @ 21:07)
Nlgzrgn, could you please convert the Mazda RX-8 from NFS Most Wanted to NFS World?The BodyKit I like (MazdaSpeed) does not have it in NFS World.
If it is possible not to replace the attributes, it would be interesting ... (The server that I play does not like mods very much, but I do everything to have a beautiful RX-8 for me)

Uploaded at: April 13, 2019 @ 19:52

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