NFSMW HUD redone by L0calH0rst

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NFSMW HUD redone

I remake the NFSMW UI textures in a higher resolution(at least 200% of original size).
I changed some things like new scratches texture, the skid marks, nexhaust flame, new grill texture, numberplate and much more.

So far, i edited the following files:
(the files still have some original textures)

extract and drop the files into your NFSMW folder
(better do backups!)

--i am aware that edoo1 uploaded a similair mod , however it only resizes the original textures--

v0.5 first release; many icons etc missing
v0.55 added some more icons
v0.6 added more textures(FrontB.lzc,LanguageTextures.bin);imported car manufacturer icons from nfsw; added speedo font less prone to aliasing; turned down blue of EA TRAX;
tried improving damage texture
v0.6fix adressed the issue with the Golf tachometer needle by recompiling the HUD.bin file
v0.75 added many icons; new light flares;completely new damage texture; new carmaker logos from; added HUDS_Custom_02;

known bugs:
-the tachometer HUDS_Custom_02 (alias Apex) doesnt show the turbo needle

tools used:
NFS-CarToolkit 2.0


FenrirTheGray (June 18, 2019 @ 20:04)
Also I've redone the Tach Numbers myself, I can provide you with my version, and if you want you can add it to the mod.

FenrirTheGray (June 18, 2019 @ 20:03)
My guesses would be:
- HUD buttons are messed up - Something to do with Scaling, probably would have to be fixed by scripts the same way ThirteenAG fixes the HUD scaling in his Widescreen Fix (
- HUD selector is messed up - The pattern in which the selector is layed out has it's order mixed up. Could you try flipping the corner icon by 90 degrees a few times, see what results you get?

L0calH0rst (June 18, 2019 @ 13:44)
@FenrirTheGray thank you very much ;)
I am aware of those issues, since i have them also now. But sadly i don't know where those issues are coming from.
I guess its the problem with the new TexEd thats overwriting textures not properly, and some other mod.
The other possibility is the game doesn't support resizing of every texture.
Anyways i am now looking for a fix again...

@Wightjeck awesome :D
And you don't have those issues FenrirTheGray got at all?

FenrirTheGray (June 16, 2019 @ 12:37)
@L0calH0rst I failed to mention in my previous comment that your mod is hands down the best HUD remaster out there. Good job!

FenrirTheGray (June 15, 2019 @ 12:57)
There are several issues with the current version of the mod.

I've made screenshots of all of them and posted them on my Google Drive photo album, here:

1) There are texture gaps in the rearview mirror and police scanner
2) Speedometer numbers are messed up (LanguageTextures.bin)
3) HUD buttons are messed up (GlobalB.lzc)
4) HUD selector is messed up (GlobalB.lzc)
5) Cursor Scaling (GlobalB.lzc)
6) Slider Bars are messed up (GlobalB.lzc)


Uploaded at: April 18, 2019 @ 00:26


63f54c-NFSMW HD UI v0.75.7z (Size: 8.59MB) Latest Version
178ae7-NFSMW HD UI v0.6fix.7z (Size: 5.58MB) Old Version
d52082-NFSMW HD UI v0.6.7z (Size: 5.53MB) Old Version