NFSMW HUD redone by L0calH0rst

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NFSMW HUD redone

I remake the NFSMW UI textures in a higher resolution.
I also changed some things like scratches, the skid marks and changed the color of EA TRAX to blue.

So far, i edited the following files:
(the files still have some original textures)

extract and drop the files into your NFSMW folder
(better do backups!)

--i am aware that edoo1 uploaded a similair mod , however it only resizes the original textures--

v0.5 first release; many icons etc missing
v0.55 added some more icons
v0.6 added more textures(FrontB.lzc,LanguageTextures.bin);imported car manufacturer icons from nfsw; added speedo font less prone to aliasing; turned down blue of EA TRAX;
tried improving damage texture
v0.6fix adressed the issue with the Golf tachometer needle by recompiling the HUD.bin file
v0.75 added many icons; new light flares;completely new damage texture; new carmaker logos from; added HUDS_Custom_02;

known bugs:
-the tachometer HUDS_Custom_02 (alias Apex) doesnt show the turbo needle

tools used:
NFS-CarToolkit 2.0


edoo1 (May 19, 2019 @ 00:27)
looks like you did a lot of changes on the mod since the last time I was on nfsmods....

L0calH0rst (May 14, 2019 @ 18:44)
Unfortunately i had to use the old .bin file . I am genuinely confused about the whole HUD texture thing.
On top, the cartoolkit doesnt support some .dds types so i wasnt able to test all possibilities with a fresh .bin file .

NFSBusiness (May 13, 2019 @ 02:00)
Interesting. I really like the re-done apex gauge by the way.
9000 rpm texture causes both the rpm and turbo needle to not show up as well.
I imported one of my own turbo needle textures, and it showed up but it was essentially garbled. (Showed a scraggly outline of it but it was still present)
It seems you didn't change the formats of anything at all. I guess changing the formats of all the textures to ARGB didn't work the same way as the first one?

L0calH0rst (May 12, 2019 @ 21:54)
I tried any DDS format i know :/ the funny thing is i managed to get the rpm needle to show, but not the boost needle...

NFSBusiness (May 12, 2019 @ 00:33)
You remembered to change all of the texture formats to ARGB? the rpm and turbo needles use the annoying p8 format so if they're still in that format that would most likely be causing the issue.


Uploaded at: April 18, 2019 @ 00:26


63f54c-NFSMW HD UI v0.75.7z (Size: 8.59MB) Latest Version
178ae7-NFSMW HD UI v0.6fix.7z (Size: 5.58MB) Old Version
d52082-NFSMW HD UI v0.6.7z (Size: 5.53MB) Old Version