2004 Lada Samara 2114 by YochiThMaster333

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: World

2004 Lada Samara 2114

Base from Lada Racing Club, some parts from Forza Motorsport 4, World of Speed and GTA San Andreas.
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX (LANCEREVO9)

- Bodykits
- Spoilers
- Hoods
- Rims
- Neon Glow
- Window Tint
- Paint
- Vinyls

- NFS Undercover male driver

Known bugs:
- Vinyls can be only applied if you temporarily restore vanilla car model, due to tool limitations
- By installing hood + spoiler combo it's necessary to remove stock spoiler, or else spoilers will overlap each other

- With NFS-VltEd, click "File - Open" and look for NFSW game directory, then click "File - Import - ModScript", pick Samara2114nfsw_setup.nfsms and click "Install". Save.

- nfsu360 for making NFS-CarToolkit 2.0
- Oleg for making Zmodeler
- Geleos Media for making mesh and textures
- dotPDN for making Paint.net
- raven54 for ripping mesh and textures of Lada Samara 2114
- YochiThMaster333 (me) for converting this car


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