NFS Carbon - Endgame Mod by maxhwoy & trackmaniamatt

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NFS Carbon - Endgame Mod

This is a feature mod that adds extra features to the game, including Endgame Duel at the end of career against Nikki.

This mod was developed primarily to create Endgame races against Nikki, which were not included in the final version of the game; however, later I decided to add extra challenge series and after that even extra career events.

Now SUPPORTS following mods:
• NFS: Carbon - Extra Options
• NFS: Carbon - Improvement Mod
• NFS: Carbon - Extended Car List

UPCOMING Supported versions:
• NFS: Carbon - Ultimate Mod

This mod is almost fully completed, the only thing left to do is to add minimaps for new races, which I am doing in this time.

Also, compatibility versions with other mods will be released as well, for example, now you can install Endgame Mod on top of Improvement Mod (read "Install_for_Imp_Mod.txt" in "Readme" folder).

The inspiration was from cut duel against Nikki at the end of career named "endgame_duel". And yes, it is custom content (besides Endgame Duel). Everything is new, partially inspired from other mods. Thanks to all people!)))

Short list of MAIN features of the mod:

• Endgame Duel and World Sprint against Nikki.
• 30 exclusively new and playable tracks (races).
• 30 new challenge series events with rewards.
• All custom cars are now unlockable and usable.
• Level 10 Heat with cops is now the most hardcore.
• 45 new career events (5 tracks per zone instead of 3).
• All cars now feature Racing performance upgrades.
• And more! Full list of changes and features is in "Readme" files.

(just wanted your attention here, lol):
1) This mod does not support many other mods, nor any language aside from English.

2) Create new savegame upon installing the mod (otherwise your other savegames might be messed up).

3) Choose Career Events using 'QUICK LIST' option and press '1' to choose regions! Every race will appear this way!

4) You need NFS-VltEd (version 4.5 or higher) in order to install this mod. Download it using this link:

To install the mod read "Install_for_Orig_Game.txt" or "Install_for_Imp_Mod" or "Install_for_ECL_Mod" in "Readme" folder, .

All credits are in "Readme" files. Thanks to all people that helped me in some or another way!)))

Updates Made:

Initial release.

Fixed reputation acquired for completing tracks in the first chosen zone.

Reupload (I don't know what happened and why v1.1 disappeared)...

Fixed Trident hood being unlocked (now it can be unlocked for all cars).
Added all corner-shortcuts to new races, as well as double-path ones.
Barriers fixed for World Sprint, Sprint Royale and Around the World Checkpoint.
'Palmont Sprint "Run"' position was moved further from other races.
'Fortuna Way Race' position was moved further from other races.
'Highway and Safehouse' position was moved further from other races.
'Highway 142 (Kempton)' was switched with 'Journeyman's Bane' b/c of glitches.
Time Limits for completing new Career Safehouse-Checkpoints were increased/decreased.
Changed description for Cop Challenge Series with Nikki (race_bin_challenge/6_30_2).

Fixed cutscenes being shown during Duels against Darius and Nikki (which I screwed up in previous versions).

Changed descriptions for new Challenge Series Events and new races.
Removed feature "Use Endgame Mod logo on 'You Won' screen".
Added feature "Disable Cops during Challenge Series Drift Events".
Added compatibility version with Improvement Mod by Improvement Mod Team.

Fixed the name of the Cop Challenge Series with Nikki.

Changed localization tags of Challenge Series races.
Added compatibility version with Extended Car List Mod by MrAdam and RaTT.


maxhwoy (June 20, 2019 @ 14:25)
Restore backups in VltEd and install new version

FarrelPrayoga157 (June 19, 2019 @ 18:02)
how to update it?
i have installed previous version

Dan (June 19, 2019 @ 08:07)
@maxhwoy Thank you, man!

maxhwoy (June 18, 2019 @ 15:43)
It is compatible with unlimiter. If you have ExtraOptions, disable ShowAllCarsInFE, otherwise try reinstalling mod on a clean version of the game
It says so because you are probably installing incorrectly. Restore backups in VltEd and reinstall the mod.
Use 1.4 version of NFSC.exe, not 1.2

Dan (June 18, 2019 @ 14:37)
So, I've installed the mod and whenever I try to go to Free Roam or do a Challenge on Challenge Series, my game crashes.
Why does this happen?
I'm on 1.2, by the way.

Uploaded at: April 23, 2019 @ 21:33


1576c4-NFS Carbon - Endgame Mod (v1.33).zip (Size: 37.25MB) Latest Version
52d7e4-NFS Carbon - Endgame Mod (v1.32).zip (Size: 35.71MB) Old Version
af52c6-NFS Carbon - Endgame Mod (v1.31).zip (Size: 35.71MB) Old Version