Econo Hatchback Pizza Delivery [Add-On] by nlgzrgn

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

Econo Hatchback Pizza Delivery [Add-On]

NFS Undercover
Econo Hatchback Pizza Delivery

Technical Information:

Converted by: nlgzrgn
Converted from: NFS Most Wanted & Undercover (Interior)
Replaces: Nothing
Car folder name (XName): TRAFPIZZA



Autosculpt Parts:
- None

Aftermarket Parts:
- None

- Copied from Volkswagen Golf GTI (R32)

- Paint
- Window Tint



- Available right at the beginning in career mode. (Cost: 10,000)
- Vanilla "Marc De Vellis??" driver model from NFS Undercover.


Known Issues:

- The rims sink a bit in the gameplay.
- The car may get damaged strangely. (As it uses the damage files modified from GTI.)
- Please report if you see any other issues.



0) If you have installed other add-on cars before, check the "Mod Script\carlotstuff.nfsms" file out and make required changes before installing this car.

1) Install the "_TRAFPIZZA-Setup-NFSUC.nfsms" using NFS-VltEd:
1) Download NFS-VltEd and install it:
2) Open NFS-VltEd. When the main window appears, select File > Open from the menu bar.
3) A new dialog will appear. Choose your game installation directory.
4) Select File > Import > ModScript from menu bar, or press "Ctrl+I".
5) Select the "_TRAFPIZZA-Setup-NFSUC.nfsms" from the dialog and click OK.
6) Mod script installation dialog will appear. Click Install to install the mod.
7) Save the files by selecting File > Save from menu bar, or pressing "Ctrl+S".
8) Quit the tool.
- Note: It's recommended to reinstall the car with every new update. But when you do that, VltEd may show some errors. You can safely ignore them.

2) Add other required stuff in game files using Ed:
1a) If you don't have Ed, download it from here:
1b) If you have Ed, copy the contents of "Ed" folder into your copy of "Ed".
2) Run the tool using "Ed.exe" file.
3) From the menu bar, click open and select your game installation directory.
4) Click "Apply" button. The files should get created in the folder you used the tool.
5) Quit the tool.

3) If this is the first mod you are installing, use the "Unlock Memory Files" option in Tools menu of Ed.

4) Run your game and create a new save game.

5) Enjoy your new car!



- Source files will be available after the release of this car for some other NFS series games.


Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

! Initial release.



- 379Felipe, GXP-10, Neon and Ti-Sonic for their huge help.
- nfsu360 for NFS-CarToolkit and NFS-VltEd, which make modding the game just easier.
- Oleg Melashenko for ZModeler v2.2.5, where most of the conversion work is done.
- nlgzrgn for converting the car.


© 2019 nlgzrgn @ ExOpts Team. No rights reserved.


djnc97 (March 04, 2020 @ 16:18)
then this car is displayed in the car dealership, and when the name of the car folder is "RS3SPRTBCK "then not displayed,
that's why I think that your extra car because of this is not displayed in the showroom or my version of the game is not the same as yours.

djnc97 (March 04, 2020 @ 16:18)
And this, by the way, is not only with your pizza delivery man, but also with some machines that are added to this part without replacement, I think that the name of the folder with the car is to blame for this, which does not match the name of the folders with the official cars
since I only displayed two additional cars whose folder name matches the folder names of the official machines of this game, for example: When the folder name of the additional folder is "NIS_SKY_R32_93",

djnc97 (March 04, 2020 @ 16:17)
For which version of this game, or what version of the game do you have, that it is visible your car in dealership? I installed a clean, without mods, version of this part of NFS, installed this pizza delivery man and it does not appear in the car dealership, installed it strictly according to the instructions, I saved the save game anyway, since this was the first launch of the game. What to do? How to fix it?

BreakinBenny (June 01, 2019 @ 19:33)
@nlgzrgn It's a shame the default programming isn't set up to update the Car Lot upon loading a savegame, only on starting a new game... But that's likely possible to deal with.

nlgxzef (May 16, 2019 @ 16:04)
@BreakinBenny, it should appear in a new save game. It won't affect your current ones.

Uploaded at: April 24, 2019 @ 11:36