NFSU HD Reflections by Aero_

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed: Underground

NFSU HD Reflections


  • ResolutionX : Controls the horizontal resolution of reflections.
  • ResolutionY : Controls the vertical resolution of reflections.
  • RoadScale : Scales the resolution of road reflections.
  • VehicleScale : Scales the resolution of vehicle reflections.
  • MirrorScale : Scales the resolution of the rearview mirror.
  • HDReflections : Reflection resolution will be increased based on the values set.
  • ImproveReflectionLOD : Increases the level of detail used in reflections.
  • RealFrontEndReflections : Enables real vehicle reflections in the front end.
  • ForceEnableMirror : Rearview mirror will be visible for all camera views. Toggle in options menu.
  • RestoreSkybox : Adds the skybox to reflections.
  • DisableRoadReflection : Prevents the road reflection from appearing in other reflections.

Extra Features
  • ExtendTunnelDistance : Allows the tunnel to render at a much farther distance.

  • Improved EU compatibility
  • Added RealFrontEndReflections
  • Added ExtendTunnelDistance
  • Fixed ImproveReflectionLOD artifacts
  • Fixed RestoreSkybox render distance

  • Updated ForceEnableMirror. The rearview mirror now disables itself during drift events.
  • Revised INI file for better readability.

  • Added desktop resolution detection.

  • Added more resolution options.

  • Added RestoreSkybox.
  • Added DisableRoadReflections.
  • Updated ImproveReflectionLOD.
  • Fixed bugs.

  • Added front end vehicle LOD to ImproveReflectionLOD.

  • Added ImproveReflectionLOD.
  • Optimized resolution scaling.

  • Aero_ : Creator of NFSU HD Reflections.
  • ExOpts Team : The project is based on Extra Options and it wouldn't exist without them.


Rigel (May 23, 2019 @ 11:04)
Seems like this thing is conflicting with reshade, objects disappear pretty frequently using both.

Uploaded at: April 24, 2019 @ 23:25

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