NFSMW HD Reflections by Aero_

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NFSMW HD Reflections

1. Download and extract
2. Move the scripts folder to the game's install folder.
3. Download and extract
4. Move dinput8.dll to the game's install folder.

  • HDReflections : Resolution will be increased based on desktop resolution.
  • OldGPUCompatibility : Vehicle reflections will be rounded to the nearest power of two.
  • VehicleScale : Controls the resolution multiplier of vehicle reflections.
  • RoadScale : Controls the resolution multiplier of road reflections.
  • MirrorScale : Controls the resolution multiplier of the rearview mirror.
  • ImproveReflectionLOD : Increases the level of detail used in reflections.
  • RestoreVisualTreatment : Adds visual treatment to the rearview mirror.
  • RestoreShaders : Adds shader effects to reflections and enables barrier animations.
  • RestoreDetails : Adds lights, car shadows, and particle effects to the rearview mirror.
  • OptimizeRenderDistance : Reduces excessive render distance of reflections to improve performance.
  • GeometryFix : Restores missing geometry, such as frontend reflections and world detail.
  • VehicleReflectionBrightness : Controls the intensity of vehicle reflections.
  • ExpandMemoryPool : Solves an issue that caused objects to disappear when too many polygons were present.

  • Fixed several resolution scaling errors.
  • The behavior of the two ReplaceVisualTreatment settings have been swapped.

  • Added OldGPUCompatibility. Fixes an issue that caused vehicle reflections to break for some GPUs.
  • Updated GeometryFix. This feature now restores more missing geometry and produces results similar to the Xbox 360 version.

  • Fixed an issue that made raindrops invisible.

  • Fixed an issue that caused RestoreVisualTreatment = 2 to not work.
  • Fixed missing effects in the rearview mirror.
  • Fixed destroyed objects not appearing in the rearview mirror.
  • Fixed destroyed objects layering issue.
  • Fixed destroyed objects not working correctly with RestoreVisualTreatment.
  • Destroyed objects now requires RestoreDetails ≥ 1 and ImproveReflectionLOD = 2.

  • Added RestoreVisualTreatment.
  • Simplified resolution options. ResolutionX and ResolutionY have been consolidated into HDReflections.
  • Scaling options will now continue to work even if HDReflections = 0. This allows control over the original resolution values.
  • Improved RestoreShader optimization.
  • Renamed ExpandSlotPool to ExpandMemoryPool.
  • Revised INI file.
  • Removed MirrorTint.
  • Removed HDReflectionBlur.

  • Added VehicleReflectionBrightness.
  • Updated INI file.
  • Added readme

  • Fixed another OptimizeRenderDistance bug.

  • Revised INI file for better readability.

  • Fixed a bug with ImproveReflectionLOD that made parked cars invisible.

  • Updated RestoreDetails = 1. The sunflare has been added to the rearview mirror.
  • Updated ImproveReflectionLOD = 2. Objects will no longer disappear when they're destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug with RestoreShaders that caused flashing when the reflection update rate was changed.
  • Fixed a bug with RestoreShaders that caused shadow artifacts to appear in reflections.
  • Fixed a bug with ImproveReflectionLOD that caused geometric artifacts to appear in reflections.

  • Updated default MirrorTint values.
  • Updated RestoreShaders.
  • Adjusted vehicle reflection brightness.

  • Fixed OptimizeRenderDistance bug.

  • Added desktop resolution detection.
  • Reverted GeometryFix code to previous version.

  • Added OptimizeRenderDistance.
  • Updated GeometryFix.

  • Added more resolution options.

  • Added RestoreDetails.
  • Added RestoreShaders.
  • Added MirrorTint.
  • Added ExpandSlotPool.
  • Updated ImprovedReflectionLOD.

  • Added more features to ImproveReflectionLOD.
  • Optimized resolution scaling.

Q: What are the original resolution values?
A: It varies from game to game. For this one it's Road: 320x240, Vehicle: 256x256, and Mirror 256x256.

Q: Why haven't you added RealisticChrome yet?
A: It requires custom shaders that I haven't found a reliable way to implement. Ideally, I'm waiting for the next release of osdever's shaders.

Q: Why does the mirror look blurrier than usual?
A: This is due to how visual treatment works; it acts as a primitive form of anti-aliasing. You can get a sharper image with RestoreVisualTreatment = 2.

Q: Why did you remove the MirrorTint feature?
A: It's been replaced with RestoreVisualTreatment. The color of the visual treatment can be changed using Extra Options.

Q: Is this compatible with other mods?
A: I can't make any guarantees. It's been tested with Widescreen Fix, MW Fixes, Extra Options, Unlimiter, HUD Adapter, and HUD Resizer. All texture mods and car mods should work.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: It's difficult to say because it depends on your resolution, settings, and other enhancements being used. For 1080p, anything with a GTX 1060 / RX 480, Core i5 / Ryzen 3 should be able to easily run this.

  • Aero_ : Creator of NFSMW HD Reflections.
  • ExOpts Team : The project is based on Extra Options and it wouldn't exist without them.

  • osdever : Providing the information needed for RestoreShaders.
  • elaymm4: Testing and feedback.


Nanonamic (November 25, 2019 @ 10:44)
this is what happened

Nanonamic (November 25, 2019 @ 10:40)
help me the rear mirror and the reflection messed up

ModMax (October 20, 2019 @ 20:05)
MirrorTintR = 150
MirrorTintG = 150
MirrorTintB = 150

Fixed my issues with the update, nice work

LBPPlayer7 (October 12, 2019 @ 10:36)
@L0calH0rst trees on PC use alpha testing instead of alpha blending

sadwer55 (September 29, 2019 @ 21:06)
I have broken vinyls on cars, how do I fix it?

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