NFSW Most Wanted Mod (SBRW Online) by LOGAN629

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: World

NFSW Most Wanted Mod (SBRW Online)

24/7 up to date download link:

- Heat 1 -> 10 (can't be played yet, but already set up within vlted, waiting for a release of a tool to edit global.lcz)
- All the RPD police car will appear during pursuits
- MW yellow filter
- 2 new bodykits for the Nissan Skyline R34 (from Underground 2 & Carbon)
- Load of custom SVS files (all the blacklist vinyls, + some cop cars vinyls)
- GOLF GTI (replaces R32)
- Hyundai Tiburon (replaces Scion TC)
- Custom Nissan 240sx from Underground 2
- New map texture with the M3 GTR
- Chase music rework... You'll hear some music you maybe have never listened to before

Known bug: time isn't changing


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Uploaded at: May 01, 2019 @ 11:48


290ed5-NFSW Most Wanted Mod (Online Mod).zip (Size: 49.12MB) Latest Version
32544c-NFSW Most Wanted Mod (Online Mod).zip (Size: 47.05MB) Old Version
9a3150-NFSW Most Wanted Mod (Online Mod).zip (Size: 30.75MB) Old Version

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