BMW M3 E46 Extended Customization by EllisRacing

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BMW M3 E46 Extended Customization

Update 7/2022: Updated website link

BMW M3 E46
Addon car mod by EllisRacing for NFS Most Wanted
Part of the BMW E46 Overhaul Mod Project for NFSMW
Current Version: 2.1

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YouTube showcase:


v2.1 (5/25/21) - the "sorry it took so long for me to release this update" edition
- Added Extended Customization!

v2.0 (1/19/21)
- Switched from Ed to Binary
- Switched to MW-quality base model with some LOD parts
- Revamped everything from scratch, improved body kit models for MW by lowering detail
- Removed 2 kits (Moved to M3 GTR)
- Added 1 new kit
- New performance

v1.0 (5/17/19) - Initial release

This mod adds back the BMW M3 E46 (which was planned for NFSMW but cut during development) as an addon car.

Notable features:
- Full customization options
- New kits
- New hoods (including missing hood style 31 & 32, with LODs)
- Spoilers, Roof scoops, decals, vinyls, etc customization fully functional
- Performance upgrades
- Improved performance/physics configuration
- Vanilla MW-level quality
- LOD models
- damage textures

Tools Required:
1) Binary v2.4 (as of this mod release, the latest version of Binary is required)
2) VLTed

How to install:
1) Run Binary
a) Click the icon on the left to launch Binary for users
b) Select "Setup_BMWM3_Binary.end" from this directory
c) Select your NFSMW installation directory
d) Save.
2) Run VltEd
a) File -> Open -> select your NFSMW installation directory
b) File -> Import -> ModScript -> select "Setup_BMWM3_VltEd.nfsms" from this directory
c) Select "Install" option
d) Save.

4) Run the game and create a new save file OR patch your existing save file using the save patcher, included with this mod.
a) The save patcher is only useful if you haven't installed any previous versions of this mod before.
i) Run the "SavePatcher" exe and select your save game to patch.
ii) Then, use the "SaveEditor" exe, and simply open your save file and save it again. This is to prevent a bug that prevents the game from loading the patched file.

Seriously, thank you all so much!

Felixeur - Performance, help with VLT issues
LUNA, heyitsleo: GTR Kit 3 (Shift2 Works kit) & M3/M3CSL Widebody Kit 3
Valen2006 - tinted headlights
Trackmaniamatt - painted spoiler
Vicious - custom headlights (halo)
Crazy_Max - race mirrors taken from M3 DTM mod

M3 E46:
GXP-10: M3 Base Mod

FLP, Valen2006 - BMW M3 CSL Base mod
Vee - M3 CSL HD Secondary Logo

M3 GTR Strassenversion:
Rsracerp60 - original "Addon performance" mod which influenced this one

M3 GTR Race version:
GXP-10: ALMS body kit (Kit 2)
379Felipe - original M3 GTR E46 upgradeable performance mod which influenced this one


Antoninoturbo (August 06, 2022 @ 10:25)
It's normal that vlted gives me 2 erros about a non existing nos field (I don't remeber the second error tho)

hotknife0bruh (July 13, 2022 @ 14:26)
problem also persists in the m3 version,

but unlike the strassenversion when i tried the addon tuning mod it made the whole race (myself and opponents) basically dead at the start (we can rev the engines all we want but we arent getting anywhere)

so i reinstalled again and the hard steering issues continue.

apprentice1914 (September 16, 2021 @ 05:08)
could you do this with 512px vinyl? because my PC is a potato. XD thanks.

WF4123 (January 20, 2021 @ 16:53)
It's been long ago, and it's cool. No more ed installation, Because this thing is overused and crashing my game.
But for now, Nice update.

Combine (October 12, 2020 @ 21:38)
good morning PorscheGT3 can I use your addon to try to give more life to the game with the cars that are not added? Since there are only the cars in the black edition version, such as the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R Mercedez-Benz SL65 AMG Porsche GT2 Chevrolet Camaro SS and the BMW M3 GTR (Street) and the E46 GTR I also add other cars more like the Nissan 240SX 350z skyline Shelby Cobra GT500 GT 500 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX.