Car customizer by Archie(AR4I)

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Car customizer


Need for Spreed: Pro Street - Car customizer
The tool to customize a car with hidden customization options.

-run as administrator framework 4.5
-nfs ps v1.1

-change/remove body parts
-change car mode
-copy/paste car
-vinyl edit(move to vinyls/decals, choose speical vinyls etc)

To choose a car you need to enter its customization menu(to verify that you've choosed the right car you can see status message at the bottom of the tool).
Dont do any changes IN GAME, while youre working with the tool
If you made changes in game you need to Update Blueprint before making changes in the tool, otherwise the tool probably will not affect a car.

Made by Archie(AR4I)


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Uploaded at: May 22, 2019 @ 19:19

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