Turismo from GTA SA by my cat

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Turismo from GTA SA

Turismo from GTA San Andreas

Converted from GTA San Andreas
wait is it legal to post here?

Replaces Corvette C6

-Working Damage Parts
-Working brake lights

-Spoilers (not really)
-Hood (1)(Stock CF)
-Front Bumper (1)(Stock but with glass-ish material - bumper 2)

-Matte black stock rims (it looks cool, but it's actually a bug)
-No interior
-Stock spoiler doesn't disappear when installing aftermarket spoiler
-Cannot change window tint (help me)
-Wheel position slightly not symmetrical; the 3d model is slightly to the left
-and many more

How to install:
-make a backup first
-copy GEOMETRY and TEXTURES to cars\corvette folder
-open the nfsms file with vlted 4.5 or newer


Tools used:
-NFS CarToolkit v2 by NFSU360
-NFS TexEd v1 also by NFSU360
-TXD Workshop
-Zmodeler 2.2.6 and 2.2.5


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Uploaded at: June 03, 2019 @ 12:41