Glass Transparent Zonda by my cat

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: ProStreet

Glass Transparent Zonda


Pagani Zonda F made out of glass
wait what?

This mod is an experiment from a bug on my previous mod

Replaces Zonda

-Everything except paint

-Aftermarket body and hoods are also transparent
-Aftermarket spoiler (except style 402 and 403) and rollcage isn't transparent

-Kinda glitchy at high speed
-Body disappear at heavy damage; it works like real glass

How to install:
-make a backup first
-copy GEOMETRY.bin to cars\zonda folder

Tools used:
-NFS CarTooolkit by nfsu360 (the tool above all tools)



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Uploaded at: June 03, 2019 @ 14:46