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NFS:Carbon Imported Stuff From NFSMW


cant even fix: Porsche 997 carrera s: although it appears in car lot, but driving this car will crash the game. its limitation of vltedit 4.2 . create new save to make it appear in carlot as old savegame overwrites old values and will not appear.
Cement trailer: I dont know whats the problem with this thing but the trailer will remain detached in gameplay. the semi will remain at its position and trailer will run away from the semi in hopping way.
Heat level: Although i have assigned heat 10 to casino areas but during my testing it never went above 5 what so ever. it seems like heat level caps values are defined at different position i cannot locate

About: Please somebody either give me tutorial to make car model for nfsc or somebody make c6r model for this game using z06 model.

I am planning to make seperate c6r instead of merged into z06. What do you say?

Changes ( rev 2 fix 1):

-tuning mod seemed awkward. so i renamed it to vlt patch.
-Man this is really embarrassing. i just didnt tested all sounds (thanks ea for adding broken sound reference). So fixed lancer fully upgraded engine sound.
-Somehow performance stat bar is fixed.
-Please report other broken car sound.
-c6r will unlock with zonda instead of cross.
-c6r cost fixed.

Changes (rev 2):

DB9 and corvette new sounds included in this zip. just copy sound folder into your main directory of game. it is necessary else cars will run mute. (credits:speedy)

Cops in canyon sprint (chances are still low)
Missing db9 sound fixed
should have fixed the
corvette z06 performance parts and sound fixed.
For new saves, c6r will appear as seperate car and will unlock with unlock of cross car
fixed traffic density in canyon duel.
911 turbo and heli (use hacks to bring it in career) are now tier 3 vehicles.
heli probability in roadblock increased in level 5.
copheli may come to race with you because it is untested.
look out who is going to chase you in pursuit (added for fun :p)

Changelogs (1.0):
1.Changeg/fixed car audios of several cars (notably pagani zonda)


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