NFSMW: Upscaled HUD by LunicAura106

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NFSMW: Upscaled HUD

Update 9/2/2022

  • Download now includes TrackMap resources. Immediate access to my source quality roadmap to help making race routes not covered in this mod.
  • Remade Secondary Eclipse Logo from IRL reference.

Update 5/28/2022

  • Updated Russian Body and Title Font with proper glyphs instead of an AI upscale.
  • Added remaining characters in both language's font sheets.
  • Updated font textures to include a limited number of mipmaps. (Nothing too blurry nor too sharp for readability).
  • Remade the Turbonetics Aftermarket logo proper after some digging. (Now including BG flames and cursive Racing text)
  • New Rival portraits. (Source images thanks to elaymm4. In-game yellow versions were modified by me.)
  • Grit style selection. Choose between Custom or Vanilla AI upscaled. (Upscaled images thanks to elaymm4.)
  • Refreshed PhotoFinish textures. (Source images thanks to elaymm4. Tollbooth variant was edited.)
  • Refreshed Mustang GT & Ford GT secondary logos.
  • Lowenhart Brand logo redone. Text logo from Ariso. Lion head redrawn by me.
  • Non-UI textures have been removed. Might be seperate mod in the future.
    -Thanks to Ariso for collecting everything below this. Certain ones have been modified.-
  • EA Logo.
  • Cadillac, Lotus, Pontiac, and Lamborghini Manufacturer Logos.
  • Cobalt SS, DB9, and Evo8 Secondary logos.
  • Stratospeed, HP Racing, Falken Tire, Gentera, Stillen, Araxis, Castrol/Syntec, Skunk2, ACT, Clutchmaster, Koni Suspension, and Wilwood Aftermarket logos.

Update 6/12/2021

  • Redrawn ALL TrackMaps again. This will minimize the amount of green/purple caused by DXT compression and will give them the grey-scale backgrounds they were intended to have.


UHUD is a recreating of NFSMW 2005's UI from scratch using mostly vector materials, with original texture proportions to help keep the same look.
Images/Textures with photographic-like details are most likely AI upscaled otherwise.

I have a few examples down below.

And thank you for your attention.


Note: Depending on your game resolution, your results may vary.


Shelfo (May 13, 2024 @ 12:05)
seems like this mod is clashing with the unlimiter mod, is it a possible fix or not really?

SNEASHER (April 04, 2024 @ 21:55)
@sasdasd нажми комбинацию ctrl - и там у тебя сверху справа будут ссылки на загрузку файла.

sasdasd (March 31, 2024 @ 14:57)
как скачать?

Praha (January 27, 2024 @ 18:52)
yMikaelBRx uma dica que funcionou para mim, instala primeiro o mod de upscale somente do mapa disponível aqui no site, depois instala esse pois o do mapa somente muda o TRACKMAPS.BIN para um que não esteja travado.

yMikaelBRx (January 06, 2024 @ 01:03)
@MatijaThe245th I tried to do what you said but I still get the same error, any idea what to do? :/

Uploaded at: June 10, 2019 @ 22:37