NFSMW: Upscaled HUD by LunicAura106

Category: Interfaces | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

NFSMW: Upscaled HUD

Update 10/14/2020

  • Added the rest of the tachometers along with the default one. All 11 are now up-res'd.


UHUD is a recreating of NFSMW 2005's UI from scratch using mostly vector materials, with original texture proportions to help keep the same look.
This is a passion project of mine since I finally bought this game for PC (A step up from playing NFSMW on Dolphin) and was really excited about the modding community for this game.
Further updates to this mod will include things I may not have noticed, have not gotten to yet, specific textures may not yet be cooperating with TexEd, or finally just small tweaks.

I have a collage below for some change examples.

And thank you for your attention.


This mod contains the following and are meant to be directly replaced with the same name files in your FRONTEND/GLOBAL folders NEVER FORGET TO BACKUP!...
  • FrontB.lzc
  • GlobalB.lzc
  • HUDS_Custom_00.BIN
  • InGameA.BUN
  • LanguageTextures.BIN



donkrage (August 14, 2020 @ 16:09)
yeah, it works, but i wouldnt use the vanilla one

LunicAura106 (August 14, 2020 @ 12:20)
v GlobalB.lzc v

LunicAura106 (August 14, 2020 @ 12:20)
A workaround is to just replace the Global.lzc with the vanilla one again.

donkrage (August 13, 2020 @ 21:52)
anyone known how to fix that?

LunicAura106 (April 01, 2020 @ 21:55)
I'm not sure how to fix those weird split key textures yet since I personally didn't play Most Wanted without the Gamepad Support on. But a workaround to replace that globalb.lzc file with the vanilla one seems to do something. I'm not sure if it's the way it was built when I made it, but I don't know of course. I'm just someone using the tools.

Uploaded at: June 10, 2019 @ 22:37


21388b-NFSMW UHUD.7z (Size: 32.12MB) Latest Version
8c78b3-NFSMW UHUD.7z (Size: 32.49MB) Old Version
06831b-NFSMW UHUD.7z (Size: 32.56MB) Old Version