NFS Carbon: Most Wanted Particle Effects by yash12396

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

NFS Carbon: Most Wanted Particle Effects


As title says, this mod attempts to bring the visual effects (specifically paricle effects) from mw to carbon. Compatible with most mods. Personally have tested on impmod. If you have more than 1 mod, use impmod fix option.

The changes include:
Restore of water mist when driving in rain.
Gas station now emits smoke instead of quick extinguished fire.
leaves on highway (and some other roads)
leaf fall in some areas (i noticed only in kempton)
leaf hit animation
nos effect (optional due to bug, but fixes jaguar nos)

NOTE: this is not something fancy new. the details are minor, you may not notice.

BUGS: Some particles tend to disappear after some time. This is mostly due to poor ram management issues with carbon. Probably this was the reason for the removal from carbon.

This Mod was laying inside my pc as a scrapped mod. Probably my last mod. So if you know some fixes for bug, you can fix it and publish it, but just let me know.


Wolf (July 07, 2019 @ 08:43)
even i don't install the nos emitters, it's messed up

Uploaded at: June 28, 2019 @ 14:01