More Traffic Cars by NI240SX

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More Traffic Cars

This mod allows you to change the cars spawning in traffic, without new savegame. I give a deactivator to get all back normal without resetting defaults in Vlt-Ed. The cars have their true engine sound and not the tiny traffic engines. Get ready to more noisy streets !

- No signals and rear position lights, only brakelights (first blocked), due to car models. I can't edit it without an easier Car-Toolkit support for Undercover.
- I didn't found why, the mod works strangely : sometimes the cars won't spawn, or after race spawning cars will change and standard traffic spawns sometimes even if you've disabled it.
- Note that modifying your cars sets in Vlt AFTER launching the game one time will work unaccurately. The only way to fix it is by deactivating the mod, launching the game, stopping it, then re-editing the cars sets.

More in the README. (languages : English, French (Français))
• 2.1 "Colorful update"
+ More car colors
+ Quick Install
* My car sets and my color choices included

• 2.0.3 "Easier selection"
* "Formatter" for preparing Trafficpattern nodes
* Trafficpattern saves moved

• 2.0.2
+ Audi S5
+ Subaru WRX STi
+ Ford Escort RS
+ Ford Focus ST
+ Ford Mustang GT
+ Mazda RX-8
+ Mazda Speed 3
+ Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG
+ Porsche 911 Turbo
+ Porsche Cayman S

• 2.0.1
* Bug fixes (deactivator and mod).
+ Nissan 370Z from Collectors Edition (CE)
+ Cops' and Racer008's Nissan GT-R (the cop one doesn't launch pursuits)

• 2.0 "Chooser" update
* You will now be able to (and obligatory need to) choose the cars that spawns.
* 13 "not working" cars from v1.1 (Europe/Japan)
+ Added three special cars (Collectors Edition/Racers)

• 1.1[BETA] "GT-R" update
+ Nissan GT-R (R35)
+ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
+ Other cars not working for me, including Lancer Evo X, M3 E46/E92, Mégane Coupé, Veyron, ...

• 1.0 "More cars" update
+ Chevrolet Chevelle SS
+ Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
+ Unfinished Chrysler 300C
+ Dodge Challenger
+ Dodge Charger
+ Unfinished Nissan 350Z
+ Plymouth Hemi Cuda
+ Pontiac GTO '65
* Fixed random working
- Disabled game standard traffic

• 0.2 "Mazda RX-7" update
+ Full spawning RX-7

• 0.1 Initial release
* Nissan 240sx full working
* Chevrolet Camaro
* Mazda RX-7 in Palm Harbor North
* Red and black or white and black colors
Other projects
- All cars in FE for Undercover (beta)
- Heat/cops hack for Undercover (beta)
Things to add/edit
None today. Suggest on Discord :
nfsu360 for VLT-Ed and Car-Toolkit
EA for car models
Say me on if you're having non mentioned issues or if you've an idea for the mod.


LegSolo (June 29, 2019 @ 11:44)
any car can be spawned in traffic and in any color as ive alerady done it, just make nwe presets if u have to to make stock for traffic :v

NI240SX (June 29, 2019 @ 09:57)
Saw a Camaro on the highway, after dispawn of 240SX

Uploaded at: June 29, 2019 @ 07:14


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