JDM Legends [1st wave] - hotfix by TiSonic

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JDM Legends [1st wave] - hotfix

JDM Legends (1st wave)
by Ti-Sonic
For Need For Speed ProStreet
Fix for cars crashing/not appearing : whne installing the addon pack, make sure to use the "Unlock game files for modding "function present in EdTCD. Use it only once however, any addon should work perfectly after doing so.

Cars are from various games from FM4 to FH3, NFS and some of them come from other less-known games.
They are added, which means : no cars replaced, and also no need to use a new savegame.

If you downloaded the first version , uninstall it , and redownload the version which contains the fix.
Fixes brought:
- Fix for some cars being absent of the car dealer.
- Collision fix for the Civis SI '86, Skyline R31 and Mark II JZX90
- Sound updates for some cars

Cars added :

- Nissan 370Z Nismo
- Honda Civic SI '86
- Honda Civic Type R '15
- Impreza WRX STI Sedan (GV)
- Toyota JZX90
- Acura NSX '17 (NC1)
- Honda NSX-R '92
- Nissan Skyline R31
- Nissan Skyline R33
- Toyota Supra MkIII '92

Special Edition car :
- Nissan GT-R (R35) Prostreet Edition

Features :
- Acuurate performance and tuning.
- Anti-theft 3d models.
- Some kits are made by me, some textures aswell.
- Accurate shaders.
- Stock rim paint (only the Civic Type'R 15 isn't concerned by that).
- Accurate prices and tiers.

Tuning options :
Depends of the car. Roofscoops might be available on two cars, it's up to you to find them :D
(N.B : Special editions features better abilities then a stock version at the expense of not being entirely tunable.)

Remember to backup your original files before installing any mod , in case you want to revert the game to its original state, for example.

Installation :

1- Launch "Installer.exe" , then click on Install , and select the folder where you installed NFSPS.
2- Launch Vlt-Ed , select the desired game (Prostreet) then import " JDM Legends - 1st wave.nfsms ". Click Install then save.

3- Launch "Ed - TheCarDealer" and select the desired game (ProStreet), and click on "browse config folder"

4- Copy/paste all of the .ini files that are present in the "Ed - TheCarDealer" folder , where you have decompressed the archive into the window that opened in Ed. Once you do that , close the window and refesh using F5.

5- In Ed, click on Apply. Once it asks you if you want to start the game, you can either select Yes or No.
You can now play with the added cars.

Uninstall :

1- Launch Vlt-ed , select your game and click on "Restore Backups" ,when asked, click on "Yes" then save.
2- Launch "Installer.exe" and click on "Uninstall". You're done.

You can send me a PM message on:
- My blog : http://ti-sonic-mods.blogspot.com/
- NFS-Mania.com
- NFSCars.net
- NFSMods.xyz
- or on my Twitter profile.


Oleg - Zmodeler
DMN,Turn10,taruncreation,Black Box,EA, Ghost Games,Firemonkeys - meshes & textures
Me - some textures and some 3d models and textures made by me
Autodesk - 3DSMax
Blender foundation
NFSU360 - Toolkit 2.6 / NFS Vlt-Ed 4.6
Eclipse72Rus - introducing me into NFSPS modding
REN3SiS - installer
Adobe -Photoshop
Me, obviously.

I hope you'll enjoy it !


LuckyLuke18 (April 08, 2024 @ 12:10)
Working JDM Legend's pack 1 &2 with Red Stalion pack:
-People with default_string on car lot: It's because you have to have all three car pack's EdTheCarDealer/Config and EdTheCarDealer/Resources at the same time on the folder, happened to me because I installed first jdm pack then deleted the config files on EdTheCarDealer/Config.
-So after trinkering around I figured that maybe I needed to have all mod pack's EdTheCarDealer configs and Resources at the same time so they show ingame... and they do now.

EdgeGMR (May 31, 2023 @ 11:25)
Any chance for both the JDM packs to be updated to binary versionN
I heard there are some mods that will crash when using addon cars with Ed

TiSonic (December 12, 2020 @ 19:18)
@olegron2 : You're the only one facing this issue. They're not missing.
@QuickSilverGaming01 : Never had this. Either your game is corrupted, or you may have made a mistake when installing the mod.

Anyway, from now on, feedbacks are closed since most of the important issues will be solved in the new version. Any feedback posted after this comment is gonna be erased.
Thank you for your understanding.

QuickSilverGaming01 (December 12, 2020 @ 00:30)
I installed the mod exactly how it said, but when i run the game it goes to a blank screen and crashes. Pls help

olegron2 (December 10, 2020 @ 15:25)
I have an issue that i cant understand? why the cars interior is missing?

Uploaded at: July 12, 2019 @ 01:21