Realism Project v0.9.1 by TerraSphere_385

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Realism Project v0.9.1

Need For Speed: World SBRW
Realism Project v0.9.1
by TerraSphere_385

Hey, guys! I'm back!

It's been long since I was online in NFS Modding, and a lot has changed within the community since then. I feel like I came to the same neighborhood I have always known, but it's not how it used to be. There's a new mall on the block, new people, new faces, so many new things. When I came back here, I took a look at my previous works and just couldn't help but feel embarassed remembering my younger self. Thank god I've grown up. Seeing your younger self makes you want to slap his face, crush his nuts, and burn his computer.

Anyways, I'm here to express my interest in modding NFS World. I only played the game once in 2011 and that's about it. Now, for the first time in... ever, I tried SoapBox Race World. I was hooked. I could play with other players and I can win money fair and square.

Then I had an idea. Why not mod NFS World? The Modding Community has sooo much potential and skill to do so, the community simply is not focused on modding the game. NFS Most Wanted and other games of its generation get more attention, NFS World is kept in the dark, hidden in the shelves.

As I did to NFSMW2005, I tried editing NFS World's road textures to make it look better. It didn't work, but nevertheless I pushed on. I then tried my hand at modding the physics and the traffic and soon found out that the performances of the stock cars are not acceptable. The cornering was disappointing, it felt like I was riding on a railway. The Countach only hit the top speed of 160 mph on highways with NOS and the Gallardo LP550-2 only hit around 170 at top speed. I then tried reviving my calculator for some use, and voila! I got the Countach to have realistic performance!

Well, not exactly. As a test, the suspension remains untouched. I only edited the torque, transmission, and some tire values to make the car feel realistic. Even so, the cornering feels more involved compared to before. You'll have to see for yourself. ;)

- Realistic Physics
- Realistic Performance for the Lamborghini Countach
- More Traffic
- Realistic Collision
- Removed NOS taillight
- Blue NOS Exhaust Flames
- Realistic Smoke

Nothing much, just your mouse pointer
And your RTX1080ti. XD

If you're only playing on offline without SBRW, disregard step 2.
1) Copy the .bin files to the GLOBAL folder inside your NFS:World directory.
2) Copy the .bin files to inside MODS\worldonline\GLOBAL and right-click on them. Overwrite if promted. Select properties, set the files to READ-ONLY, and apply.

If you're playing online SBRW, an error will pop-up upon log in and starting the game. Don't worry, this error is normal and the game will still launch even if it says error. Simply click OK when it appears. Otherwise, you can consult if you're still unsure. Hope you'll enjoy the mod. :-)

NFS-VltEd v4.6 by nfsu360

nfsu360 - for NFS-VltEd v4.6
Cascraft - for his NFS World HD Texture Mod
Unknown guy - for NFS World ENB
KomandoUgur - for his Blue NOS and No NOS Taillight mod
Alexc12fr - for his Realistic Smoke Mod for NFSMW
SBRW Devs - for their awesome work
World Online PL - for their great community

I included a photo inside detailing where I test the Countach's acceleration and top speed. This highway I highlighted, stretching from north to the south, is a great place to do test runs as its almost straight, and the corners provide a good testing ground for high speed cornering. I don't know what it's usually called so I'll just call it Wangan Highway. If you're in World Online PL server, we might meet each other here on the Wangan.

Final Remarks:
Big thanks to the SBRW Devs for their work!

With this humble mod, I hope more and more people would have an interest in SBRW and the servers can fill up. With more interest, talented people can keep popping up within the community. This means more quality mods for NFS Games. More mods mean better game replayability, and thus, generate more player interest. Just look at the Skyrim Community for example.

Hopefully, this could also lead to the SBRW Devs officially supporting mods, with a defined roster of its own. Mod cars being added to NFS World (not as a replacer) like you could in NFSMW nowadays, and Official SBRW Support for such occurence. Imagine having a whole roster of Miuras, Countaches, Diablos, Murcielagos, Aventadors, Gallardos, and Huracans being available in the Car Dealer.

I'm sure many people who started modding have found their dreams and occupations through these games. Through this I hope I can, at least, inspire you guys to develop your potential.

Let's make NFS:World great again!

- TerraSphere_385


TerraSphere385 (September 06, 2019 @ 01:51)
Thank you, mate. :-)

DennisStanistan (August 30, 2019 @ 15:44)
Looks nice

TerraSphere385 (August 11, 2019 @ 08:24)
Yes, it does mate. On a side note: Traffic has more realistic mass than before. :-)

Dragonforce (August 10, 2019 @ 23:20)
Does this mod apply the new physics to all cars??


Uploaded at: August 08, 2019 @ 00:11