NFSMW HD Fonts by BadassBaboon & Aero

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HD Fonts UI 


Title, body fonts, and Tac numbers are re-created at an x8 scale compared to the original, some of the non-English letters are yet to be done.

Fixed the jagged fonts, now they look a lot smoother

  • Aero_ : NFSMW HD Font Plugin.
  • BadassBaboon: Font Textures.



JOHN30011887 (September 13, 2019 @ 22:11)
Thanks for Fixing the jagged fonts :)

NFSBusiness (September 12, 2019 @ 22:17)
Upon closer inspection, it seems that all of the HD letters in the FONT_MW_BODY file in GLOBALA.BUN are not perfectly aligned with each other. Words look 'shaky' when looking at them up close. (Anyone will look closely at the text due to the fact that the mod's purpose is specifically improve the look of the in-game text obviously) Again, very minor nit-pick and I understand that it's very difficult and time-consuming to try to align and fine-tune the text. Otherwise, this is a fantastic mod. Good work.

NFSBusiness (September 12, 2019 @ 21:59)
Update 1.2: Looks great but lowercase i looks a bit off. It looks like it is floating ever so slightly above where it should be. It's very minor but I thought I should mention it because it does look a bit odd with a keen eye.

L0calH0rst (August 25, 2019 @ 00:30)
I'd love to try this mod i dreamt a long time about, sadly crashed instantly with fresh installed game +ExOp + Unlimiter +HD reflections

Zenturo (August 23, 2019 @ 10:27)
It will be good if you make cyrillic version