Carbon Battle Royale by CBR Team

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Carbon Battle Royale

Carbon Battle Royale is the supreme combination of features by developers of Endgame Mod and Ultimate Mod.

Current version: v1.2.5

* New Savegame required when installing/updating!
* Do NOT change/readjust FNG fixes!
* VltEd is no more usable with the database!

Please read ReadMe.txt in order to see how to install the mod and what optional features you can install on top of it.
Do NOT touch "DoNotTouch" folder!

Short list of main features is provided below. Actual ChangeLog is provided as well, you can look it up if you want:
-> New map area: Outer City.
-> 100+ exclusively new playable races.
-> 40+ new challenge series events with rewards.
-> 150+ career events with gameplay of 10+ hours.
-> 20+ new playable and customizable cars.
-> MostWanted-like performance upgrades system.
-> Prostreet-like car tiering and class system.
-> New Story with different tasks and features.
-> Raised difficulty of all races and events.
-> cbr.asi: unlocker of many cool things.


1) This mod does not support many other mods, nor any language aside from English.

2) Create new savegame upon installing the mod (otherwise your other savegames might be messed up).

3) You need Binary (version 2.8.3 or higher) in order to install this mod. Download it using this link:

4) If you want extra customization to work properly, make sure you have disabled 'CarShadowFix' in your
WideScreenFix settings, if you have one.


Full Mod Installation Process:

1) Launch Binary (version 2.8.3 or higher). LAUNCH AS ADMINISTRATOR!!!
2) Select "User" at the menu (big left button with three user icons).
3) Navigate to your Need for Speed Carbon game directory in your computer, which is usually in
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed Carbon\" or
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Need for Speed Carbon\"
4) After that, navigate to unzipped CBR Mod folder and choose "First Time Install.end".
5) Choose the Camo you prefer along with the difficulty.
6) Binary might freeze a couple of seconds, save it when the prompt is asked.
7) Done!


Known issues:
-> Although San Juan position on the map is north-west, it does not match it's actualy position b/c of map limits.
-> Game might crash if you get busted in canyon locations, both in Challenge Series and career.
-> You might experience general crashes like screen freeze on finishline or general crashes upon entering events.


-> Moved the installation to Binary (2.8.3)
-> Integrated rnz's DLC
-> Integrated Extended Customization
-> Retuned Race Class & fixed issues with reported cars.
-> Removed Zone Countdown due to a rare abuse.
-> Nerfed Hard Difficulty by 25%.
-> Fixed an issue with the 5_end, 1_7_6 and 1_1_6 by changing their intro and tweaking opponent number.
-> Overhauled tuning and fixed a value oversight by the devs in Tire and Brake tuning.
-> Added rewards to custom challenge series & added 6 more races.
-> Fixed an issue with the traffic cars suspension and their ecar values.
-> Updated the Unlimiter version to 3.0
-> Most of the cars were redone from scratch to increase optimization.
-> Moved the database from VltEd to YAML database.
-> Changed some of the rewards in the career.
-> Huge Vault cleanup and optimization, making the game a lot more stable


Join official CBR discord group today to get updated! Also, if you have any questions, you noticed some serious bugs
or if you would like to support and/or contribute mod development, feel free to contact one of us there:



CBR Development Team:
-> MaxHwoy
-> RaTT
-> rx
-> iceonwheels
-> MilesDipperion
-> rnz (RTX)
-> Tekizyte
-> Fridge

Previous Members Of The Development Team
-> Neon
-> TrackManiaMatt

Special Thanks to:
-> Shoori (the one and only tester of CBR v1.2.5)
-> nfsu360 (for NFS-VltEd and NFS-Cartoolkit)
-> 379Felipe (for HERO and FOOTMAN presets, Fateful night and other help with cars)
-> nlgzrgn (NFSC-Unlimiter)
-> GXP-10 (for bunch of car models converted from NFS:MW and NFS:W)
-> you, for playing/testing the mod

List of Apps used to build the mod:
-> Binary by MaxHwoy
-> NFS-RacEd by MaxHwoy
-> NFS-VltEd by nfsu360
-> NFS-CarToolkit by nfsu360
-> Attribulator by Heyitsleo

Thank you all!


RazorPrime858588 (December 03, 2023 @ 15:09)
The original was better than the mod, you can only add mods for cars in the game and that's it. And this is all to complicate things do not need. You ended up messing it up. Sorry, but that's the truth.

RazorPrime858588 (December 03, 2023 @ 15:08)
Oh, yeah, there's no way to get away from the cops. They just have a nose for you, they where the player went, although in the original without mods they did not follow you when you hid. So even reinforcements of cops tenth level of the chase arrive in 3-4 seconds. Gave at least a minute before the arrival of reinforcements to have time to hide. Cops still spoon in front of the player when it is not necessary, so even too quickly appear. In the original it was easier to get away from them.

RazorPrime858588 (December 03, 2023 @ 12:14)
Of course the mod is good, brought new customization, new cars and variety in terms of gameplay, but the complexity of the game is the main problem of this mod. You'll excuse me, but in terms of gameplay it is bad. I will not play the game with the mod until you fix all the bugs, bugs and scripts. I hope you will understand me and fix it.I'm looking forward to the mod update, if there is one of course

RazorPrime858588 (December 03, 2023 @ 12:13)
If you have completed the task and you need to hide, so you will not have time to leave and the reinforcements have already arrived. Perhaps look at other authors and see if there are still some problems in this mod. And points in drifting on the scripts, and the physics of the behavior of cars, and the time to reinforcements for cops - all this should be fixed. You will probably say that will lose the meaning of such complexity, but about those who are difficult to pass it you thought at all?

RazorPrime858588 (December 03, 2023 @ 12:13)
Continued Commentary:
I can't score as many points as them, it's not fair. I certainly know how to play this game, but these are cheater bots, or rather the developers themselves. And also I watched the playthrough, I noticed that the reinforcements of level 10 cops come too fast (if anything it was in the BMW M3 GTR trials). Give at least one minute to hide. Not five or ten seconds, but a minute.

Uploaded at: September 01, 2019 @ 08:37


0d0d2a-CBR (Size: 255 bytes) Latest Version
914e7d-CBR (Size: 290 bytes) Old Version
421a49-CBR (Size: 290 bytes) Old Version