Carbon Battle Royale by CBR Team

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Carbon Battle Royale

Carbon Battle Royale is the supreme combination of features by developers of Endgame Mod and Ultimate Mod.

Current version: v1.1.2
New savegame after 1.1.0 and v1.1.1 is NOT required.

This mod is possibly the biggest one for NFS: Carbon. It was in development for several months and now early alpha version is being released for testing.

This mod is NOT fully completed, it is only the beta release of the mod to find out bugs and possible fixes. Please read ReadMe.txt in order to see how to install the mod and what optional features you can install on top of it. Do NOT touch "DoNotTouch" folder!

Short list of main features is provided below. Actual ChangeLog is provided as well, you can look it up if you want:
-> New map area: Outer City (Highway 142 + San Juan + Canyons).
-> 100+ exclusively new playable races.
-> 30+ new challenge series events with rewards.
-> 150+ career events with gameplay of 10+ hours.
-> 30+ new playable and customizable cars.
-> MostWanted-like performance upgrades system.
-> Prostreet-like car tiering and class system.
-> New Story with different tasks and features.
-> Raised difficulty of all races and events.
-> NFS-RacEd: app for creating code for races.
-> CBRRandomizer: app to code CBR Arcade Mode.
-> NFSScript_CBR.asi: unlocker of many cool things.

List of cars added:
--> Audi TT
--> BMW 135I (2008)
--> BMW M3 E46
--> BMW Z4 GT3
--> Chevrolet Cobalt SS
--> Chevrolet Corvette C6.R
--> Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
--> Ford Escort Cosworth
--> Ford Mustang Boss (1969)
--> Lotus Evora S
--> Mazda MX-5
--> Mercedes-Benz SL500
--> Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
--> Renault Megane RS
--> Pontiac Solstice GXP
--> Porsche 911 GT2
--> Scion TC
--> Volkswagen Golf GTI
--> NFS:MW Golf GTI
--> BMW M3 E30
--> Koenigsegg Agera RS
--> Lamborghini Aventador
--> Lamborghini Miura Concept
--> Lexus ISF
--> Lexus LFA
--> Lotus Cortina
--> Marussia B2
--> Nissan 300ZX
--> Nissan R35 GTR
--> Nissan Silvia S15
--> Porsche 918RSR


1) This mod as of now supports only English language.

2) This mod as of now supports only Widescreen Fix, Extra Options and (probably) HDReflections.

3) Use NFSC.exe v1.4 when you run the game.

4) Create new savegame upon FIRST installation of the mod (otherwise your other savegames might be messed up).

5) You need NFS-VltEd (version 4.6) in order to install this mod. Download it using this link:

6) Do NOT install CBR DLC 1 by MilesDipperion, since current version of the mod already includes it in it.


BASIC Installation Process:

1) Launch NFS-VltEd as ADMINISTRATOR (version 4.6 or higher required).
2) Click "File" at the upper left corner.
3) Choose "Open".
4) Navigate to your Need for Speed Carbon game directory in your computer, which is usually in
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed Carbon\" or
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Need for Speed Carbon\"
5) After that, in NFS-VltEd click "File" again.
6) Choose "Import".
7) Click "Modscript".
8) Navigate to unzipped CBR Mod folder and choose "install.nfsms".
9) Choose whatever optional features you want and click "Install".
10) Click "File" again and then click "Save"



NOTE: After 1.1.0 or 1.1.2 new save game is NOT required!
-> Shuffled some races for balancing reasons.
-> New Canyon Sprints & Speedtraps now have solid fences and 3/2 opponents.
-> Removed Scouts and changed Sal & Yumi's skills to Drafter.
-> Fixed Yumi
-> Fixed the Nissan 240SX & '06 Shelby GT500's shifting
-> Added a 3rd car sound for each car except the M3 GTR due to 3 engine packages
-> Buffed the Ford GT
-> Adjusted some Torque Splits
-> Changed some strings

NOTE: After 1.1.0 new save game is NOT required!
-> ALL Race Class Cars now have a better and balanced handling models
-> The Lamborghini Miura Concept now gets unlocked properly
-> The BMW M3 GTR now has more strict unlocking conditions
-> Some Boost Cars have been improved and rebalanced
-> Drifting is now slightly improved and some Drift Cars have been improved
-> Some Reward Cards were made harder and unlocking conditions were changed
-> All Cars now have proper Shifting sounds and Turbo sounds
-> Some Cars now have their sounds improved
-> Some Language file strings have been updated

v1.1.0 Release
NOTE: New SaveGame required!
-> 12 more new cars have been added to the game (making over 30 in total):
--> BMW M3 E30
--> Koenigsegg Agera RS
--> Lamborghini Aventador
--> Lamborghini Miura Concept
--> Lexus ISF
--> Lexus LFA
--> Lotus Cortina
--> Marussia B2
--> Nissan 300ZX
--> Nissan R35 GTR
--> Nissan Silvia S15
--> Porsche 918RSR
-> All tier 3 Race class cars have NFS: Most Wanted stats
-> All Boost class cars got their vanilla handling back
-> Increased performance of several cars, as well as handling
-> Almost all added cars can be unlocked through career only
-> Rewards for new challenge series have been changed to CBR bonus only
-> Fixed oversteering and understeering chassis sliders in performance menu
-> Added 2 cop cars: Police Hummer and Prison SUV (heat 10 exclusive)
-> Changed several descriptions in language files
-> NFSScript_CBR.asi now allows you to skip CD checks when modding savefiles
-> Decreased amount of opponents in San Juan Race Wars to 11.
-> Fixed overlaid bodykits on CE_MURCIELAGO, IS300_2 and CROSS preset cars

1.0.4 Beta
-> Decreased amount of rhinos you need to destroy in one of Challenge Series events
-> Added 3 new challenge series events: KuruHS Events!
-> Added 5 new opponents to Endgame: KuruHS, rx, rnz, Miles and Neon
-> Added 1 car: NFS:MW Golf GTI
-> Added 5 new cars to bonus section: 4 cars from CBR Team members and KuruHS' Golf GTI
-> Updated NFSCBattleRoyale.asi to NFSScript_CBR.asi, which includes:
--> Fixed progress being 0% for those who run the game on Windows 10
--> Increased amount of starter cash to $30,000
--> Ability to progress to heat 10 in both career and challenge series events

1.0.3 Beta
-> Fixed severaly damaged Arcade Mode that was uncompletable
-> Release new version of NFS-RacEd that fixes most of bugs

1.0.2 Beta
-> Released new version of NFS-RacEd
-> NFSC-Unlimiter got updated by nlgzrgn fixing busting crashes, great thanks to him
-> Added Easy difficulty for the mod
-> Added option to choose easy/normal/hard difficuly any time
-> Changed opponent's preset ride in race_bin_challenge/6_21_1
-> Fixed Cobalt SS being capable of drifting
-> Fixed several typos in language files of the mod
-> Changed model for BMW Z4 GT3
-> Fixed threshhold value in race_bin_challenge/6_22_3
-> Changed finishline position of race_bin_casino/5_1_6

1.0.1 Beta
-> Fixed NFSCBattleRoyale.asi script
-> Released new version of NFS-RacEd
-> Changed position of race_bin_tuner/3_2_4
-> Changed position of race_bin_challenge/6_20_2


Join official CBR discord group today to get updated! Also, if you have any questions, you noticed some serious bugs or if you would like to support and/or contribute mod development, feel free to contact one of us there:



CBR Development Team:
-> MaxHwoy
-> RaTT
-> TrackManiaMatt
-> rx
-> MilesDipperion
-> rnz (RTX)
-> Neon

Special Thanks to:
-> nfsu360 (for NFS-VltEd, NFS-TexEd, NFS-Hasher and NFS-Cartoolkit)
-> 379Felipe (for HERO and FOOTMAN presets, Fateful night and other help with cars)
-> nlgzrgn (for Ed the Car Dealer, NFS-StrEd and NFSC-Unlimiter)
-> GXP-10 (for bunch of car models converted from NFS:MW and NFS:W)
-> you, for playing/testing the mod

List of Apps used to build the mod:
-> NFS-PresetEd by MaxHwoy
-> NFS-RacEd by MaxHwoy
-> NFS-VltEd by nfsu360
-> NFS-TexEd by nfsu360
-> NFS-StrEd by nlgzrgn
-> NFS-Hasher by nfsu360
-> NFS-CarToolkit by nfsu360
-> Ed the Car Dealer by nlgzrgn
-> Visual Studio 2017 by Microsoft
-> HxD v2.1.1.0 by Maël Hörz
-> GIMP v2.10.10 by GIMP Development Team
-> ZModeler 2.2.5 by Zanoza STD

Thank you all!


llucasluna (April 17, 2020 @ 12:53)
more apart from this problem, the mod is really good, the number of races and the new cars, really is very good, the more I think they will correct the errors since I believe that some people are also with this problem.

llucasluna (April 17, 2020 @ 12:49)
cplg98 the installation method was normal as was instructed on the page, do nothing more than what is requested here at the time of installation

llucasluna (April 17, 2020 @ 12:48)
cplg98 I'm passing normally, but I really don't have any more runs available, after the second Outer City, no more runs are released, even when I complete all the others that were before, I don't release any more and I'm even at 68%.

JustCallMeAlec (April 16, 2020 @ 02:59)
This mod crashes after selecting your first car after the first race, can't seem to figure out why. The only mods installed are the Widescreen Fix, The Unlimiter, and Extra options (besides the scripts that are installed via this mod)

cplg98 (April 15, 2020 @ 22:58)
I would post something about it as a bug in the CBR Discord server, but I'm banned for whatever reason. (I guess the moderators thought I was a bot since I accessed it without making a verified account and logged out afterwards to see if anything new was in the works without posting anything.)

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