Need for Speed: Carbon - Battle Royale Car Addon Pack by rnz (RGx990)(RTX)

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Need for Speed: Carbon - Battle Royale Car Addon Pack

Need for Speed: Carbon - Battle Royale Car Addon Pack
by rnz
version 1.0.7

Please read until the end

-> Nissan Fairlady 240ZG71
-> Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R
-> Audi R8 V10
-> Porsche 911 RSR '74
-> Volkswagen GTI MK1
-> Acura Integra Type R
-> Acura NSX
-> McLaren MP4 12C
-> Honda S2000
-> Honda Civic EK9
-> Dodge Neon SRT4 ACR
-> Hennessey Venom GT (New)

Addon Features:
-> Customizable (Depends on Car)
-> Auto Sculpt on some cars
-> NFS World Driver
-> No Invisible Doors

-First Release
-Now Compatible with Miles' DLC
-Fixed LODS of all cars (No more disappearing parts)
-Added Damage to Integtra Type R
-Fixed McLaren MP4 12C crashing the game when upgrading tires
-New Car Honda S2000
-Fixed Missing Integra TR headlight glass
-New car: Honda Civic EK9, Dodge Neon SRT4 ACR
-Fixed collision of S2000, Integra Type R, and NSX
-Fixed sound of S2000
-Buffed the NSX
-Nerfed the 240ZG71
-Added new Save Patcher Config
-Fixed a big time crash because of config (sorry Max lmao)
-> SRT4 and NSX has now proper damage parts
-> Reworked car audio (tnx RaTT) and some cars performance
-> Added Driver to the SRT4
-> Fixed Doorline of Integra Type R
-> New Car! Hennessey Venom GT (Has a Driver Model and have Proper Damage parts)


-Latest CBR installed on clean copy of NFSC
-Latest NFSC-SavePatcher of MaxHwoy (

1. Extract the Archive
2. Open NFS VLTED 4.6
3. Go to File>Import>Mod Script
4. Select Install.nfsms from where you extracted the archive
5. Click Install (After clicking it will take sometime to load)
6. Click Close and Save
7. Exit VLTED and Run the Game
8. Enjoy!

Updating the Mod
1. Open VLTed 1.6
2. Go to Game>Restore Backups then click yes
3. Reinstall latest CBR
4. Reinstall Miles' DLC (If you have it installed before)
5. Import the InstallMe.nfsms in VLTed
6. Save

(If you have other VLT mods, reinstall them after installing the dlc)

Patching your save game
1. Copy the config folder inside SavePatcherFiles
2. Paste it in the NFSC-SavePatcher folder
3. Open the Patcher
4. Go to file and locate your save game folder (usually Documents\NFS Carbon)
5. Patch Save File

For compatibility with Miles' DLC
Just install the mod on top of Miles' DLC

Thanks to:

CBR Devs for creating CBR\
Max for the SavePatcher
Mr. Adam for guiding me
NFSF1McLaren (Did almost all the Performance Data and Secondary Logos)
nlgzrgn for tools
Miles Dipperion for adding reward unlocks
Kyle Dunn (Tested the Mod)
EA / BB for Mesh and Textures
nfsu360 for CarToolkit, VltEd, and TexEd


You need to have a new save game or follow Miles' Tutorial on YT
Please report bugs when you see one, thanks!



Erce (April 23, 2024 @ 15:04)
This works properly on the base game too right?

Doge (June 28, 2023 @ 12:09)
my save is not working now

Doge (June 28, 2023 @ 11:11)
Not work

Fabri706 (June 14, 2023 @ 23:24)
Is it MANDATORY to have CBR installed to have these cars?

please tell me no

WF4123 (January 14, 2023 @ 13:49)
It is because due to the problems, it's not compatible with. Attribulator is supported of possible.


Uploaded at: September 29, 2019 @ 15:16


9d2eda-Carbon Battle Royale DLC(v1.0.7).rar (Size: 44.69MB) Latest Version
636881-Carbon Battle Royale DLC(V1.0.6).rar (Size: 41.34MB) Old Version
b55a92-Carbon Battle Royale DLC(v1.0.5).rar (Size: 35.05MB) Old Version