Enable All Offsets by Archie(AR4I)

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Enable All Offsets


NFS PS - Enable all offests
Was tested only on NFS PS v1.1

This mod enables all available offsets for a particaular car.
You need to use VltEd to edit this values for the following path:


[0] - stock
[1] - wide body(as default in game)
[2] - kit 1
[3] - kit 3
[4] - kit 4
[5] - kit 11

This mod applies only on cars listed in "EnableAllOffsets Cars" folder.
To add a car simply create a txt file(name does not matter) and place needed car ID into it(see "240sx (example).txt").
All car ids are listed in txt file in archiev. You can also try Cheat Engine table that gives you current car id in garage(can be usefull for addon cars, did not test it though).

This is not intended to use with vanilla cars(as they have only one wide body kit), this is why filtering by txt files was added.

!You are allowed to use this as a part of your car mod only with a link to an original post!

Made by AR4I


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Uploaded at: September 29, 2019 @ 18:16