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NFSPS Multi Unlocker

09/02/2022 UPDATE: added a script to restore CE car prices

This is a collection of several scripts meant to unlock on-disc DLC, namely Booster Pack cars [DBR9, Porsche 980, S2000, R8 etc], Collector's Edition cars [NSX, IS350, RS4, etc], Collector's Edition hubs [23 races across 4 race days].
There are also secondary scripts which can restore original BP car prices, as well as set their unlock condition, should you prefer not to have them all unlocked from the start and cost nothing.
The whole thing was split into 5 scripts so you're not forced to install something you don't want/need.

Use these as a last resort if you tried ExOpts/SAAM/MultiFix and none of them worked, or if you're experiencing ASI mod conflicts or other issues.

Important note: If you want to be 100% sure the price and tier fixes work, install their respective scripts before creating a new profile/career. BP/CE unlocker will work regardless of profile/career state, but pricing and unlock tiers may not update accordingly.

Note #2: If you're getting "field 0x767fffc1 does not exist" error, it means the database check preventing BP cars from showing up no longer exists and the cars should be unlocked regardless.
Note #3: If you're using the CE race day unlocker, it's normal for the career map to not show the race days unless you complete a neighbouring one.

NFS ProStreet patched to 1.1, any region should work but I could only test it on EN_GB locale. Make sure you're installing the right patch type [retail/DD] for the right region [US/EU/etc].

- download the archive and unpack it anywhere you'd like
- download VLTEd from nfsu360's site
- launch the tool, then go to "File" -> "Import" -> "Modscript"
- navigate to wherever you unpacked the scripts and click "Open" on whichever script you want to install
- press "Install" on the dialog box that shows up
- wait for VLTEd to finish parsing changes, then go to "File" -> "Save" for the imported script to take effect
- repeat for other scripts you want to install

Script was tested on both untouched BATTERY executable and one that was patched with SAAM007's tool; the results were identical, as car lot vehicles aren't bound to a savegame and would not appear if the script didn't work.

Big thanks to RaTT for letting me use the tier data and to TD07 for troubleshooting the price issues with me.


Fabled (May 12, 2024 @ 23:37)
Didn't work for me. It actually deactived the code Collectorsed& which gives you 5 other cars. I am still stuck at 60 total cars. I have no clue how to add on these extra cars and maps. Installed the tool from nfsu360 and extracted the data pack. Imported the files as instructions given.

Sheikalex (June 09, 2023 @ 22:19)
I downloaded the Unlocker and theNFS Vlted, I pick my game folder and then I import the script to unlock cars, I save but nothing in my game changes :c

EMET (August 27, 2022 @ 22:05)
I GOT IT. I FIXED IT. I just changed my NFS Prostreet folder (that has all the game files and the .exe and stuff) so that it was no longer read-only. Just right-click the folder, select properties, and de-select the read-only option. It will prompt you asking if you want to also change this attribute for subfolders and subfiles, make sure you select this option as well. Click apply and then run the scripts. Prices fixed.

EMET (August 27, 2022 @ 21:58)
I'm having the same issue where the prices aren't changing. new alias/career did not change anything.

HOWEVER. I ran your script for adding in the CE cars (which I hadn't tried before, due to already having them) and THEN ran the CE price fix script. That successfully updated the integra LS price, which was the only one that had the incorrect price previously from the CE car list. Hope that helps. No success trying the same thing with BP cars though. Unlike Leruc, my roadrunner/cupra are still at 0 as well

rvreq (June 21, 2022 @ 00:10)
Tip below worked, just registered to confirm it works well, cheers

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