[Updated] NFSPS Booster Pack Unlocker by Lexal

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[Updated] NFSPS Booster Pack Unlocker

3/11/2019 UPDATE: the script now correctly unlocks all the addon cars, which is 16 and NOT 15 as I previously assumed.
Please delete the old script and download the new version; it will unlock the missing Gallardo Superleggera.


Since I didn't see something like this on the site.....

This is a simple NFS-VLTEd script enabling all 16 [fixed now...] Booster Pack cars [R8, DBR9, S2000, Carrera GT etc].
Use this as a last resort if you tried ExOpts/SAAM/MultiFix and none of them worked, or if you're experiencing ASI mod conflicts or other issues.
Recommended to use in conjunction with LegSoto's CE Upgrade

NFS ProStreet patched to 1.1, any region should work but I could only test it on EN_GB locale

- download the script and unpack it anywhere you'd like
- download VLTEd from nfsu360's site
- launch the tool, then go to "File" -> "Import" -> "Modscript"
- navigate to wherever you saved this script and click "Open"
- press "Install" on the dialog box that shows up
- wait for VLTEd to finish parsing changes, then go to "File" -> "Save" for the imported script to take effect

Script was tested on both untouched BATTERY executable and one that was patched with SAAM007's tool; the results were identical, as car lot vehicles aren't bound to a savegame and would not appear if the script didn't work.


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