Need For Speed Most Wanted - Rockport's Finest by Avalanche

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Need For Speed Most Wanted - Rockport's Finest


This mod (formerly known as "Unlockable Police Cars") is a combination of a meaty VLT script and custom resources added to the game using Binary. This revised and reworked edition adds all nine Rockport PD vehicles to the 'Bonus' category, replacing the vanilla Black Edition presets. However, I have also included an alternate version which simply adds them to the Car Lot upon defeating Bull. All cars have custom performance attributes, menu data, and functioning police lights (but not sirens, unfortunately) toggled with the 'O' key, using NFSMW Extra Options. Also included is an option to enable cops as random race opponents, but of course, they will still behave like racers. Feel free to make any changes you desire, most performance settings can be found in VLT-Edit under "pvehicle/default/cars/racers". The next version MIGHT include the helicopter, if I can figure out how to make it work. No promises.


  • Download and extract the .zip file on this page.
  • Choose which version of the mod you want to use (STOCK or BONUS), and open its folder.
  • Navigate to and open VLT-Edit.
  • Click on "File -> Open" and navigate to your game's root folder. The game's database will load onto the screen.
  • Click on "File -> Import -> ModScript" and navigate to the extracted mod version of your choice.
  • Import the VLT ModScript (.nfsms file named "InstallMe").
  • Be sure to read all information provided at the installation menu.
  • Check bonus boxes if you want extra features.
  • Once the script loads, click "File -> Save".
  • Close VLT-Edit.
  • Navigate to and open Binary.
  • Click on "User Mode" and navigate back to the mod folder of your choice. Make sure it's the same one you installed the VLT ModScript from!
  • Import the Binary Endscript (.end file named "InstallMeToo")
  • A new window will appear. Select your game's root folder, and the Endscript will apply automatically.
  • Binary will ask to save the files, make sure to confirm.
  • Run the game and enjoy!

Known Issues

  • Some performance attributes may be imperfect or otherwise awkward. Please provide feedback on what to address, and how you see fit.
  • Nothing else. Please report bugs, flaws, or improvements in the comments or contact me directly!

Version History

  • 11/28/20 @ 19:20 - v1.0.0, initial release.
  • 5/24/20 @ 20:36 - v2.0.0, added Ed configs, updated performance stats, revised modscipt/modpage, and added optional randomopponent feature.
  • 5/31/20 @ 12:49 - v2.0.1, fixed an error in multiple Ed configs that incorrectly used racer data.
  • 6/5/20 @ 12:40 - v2.1.0, added support for Miner's Beta Cops, fixed COPSUV chassis bug, refined modscript, and removed NOS toggle for simplicity.
  • 8/18/21 @15:52 - v3.0.0, reworked almost everything, remade all assets, moved to Binary, dropped support for old Ed addons, and added new install option.


  • nfsu360 - Creation and development of VLT-Edit.
  • MaxHwoy - Creation and development of Binary.
  • Avalanche - Development and implementation.
  • Red_Fire - Creative direction, playtesting, ecar values, and support.
  • Lexal - Playtesting and debugging.


kryogen11 (September 13, 2021 @ 06:15)
hey please also make COPMIDSIZEB accessible in the bonus list!

kryogen11 (September 13, 2021 @ 04:10)
hey please also make COPMIDSIZEB accessible in the bonus list!

[Deleted Account] (September 03, 2021 @ 05:48)
In the same order, could you explain how to return the bonus cars back from the 28 car racing series?

Avalanche (August 25, 2021 @ 17:38)
@Zaivud, you can do this manually by going into VLT-Ed, pvehicle/cars/racers, finding the 9 cop car nodes, and setting "RandomOpponnent" to False.

[Deleted Account] (August 25, 2021 @ 06:13)
Please make the following update remove the script, after installing this script in racing mode, these 9 bonus police cars will appear, please describe how to fix this error by going or the error script ...

Uploaded at: November 28, 2019 @ 02:23


ae8591-NFSMW Mod - Rockport's Finest (3.0.0).zip (Size: 1.44MB) Latest Version
698bef-NFSMW Mod - Unlockable Police Cars (2.1.0).zip (Size: 517.13KB) Old Version
81b26d-NFSMW Mod - Unlockable Police Cars (2.0.1).zip (Size: 481.31KB) Old Version