M3 GTR MW Port by Valen2006

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M3 GTR MW Port


Need for Speed Carbon: M3 GTR MW Port

This mod ports the performance of the BMW M3 GTR E46 ALMS from Need for Speed Most Wanted, while not replacing the one from Carbon. This mod is also a remake of my old mod "M3 GTR from MW Performance Port".

- Replaces the unlock from the regular BMW M3 GTR from the Reward Cards.
- The regular M3 GTR is now unlocked by beating Darius.
- Buyable from the car lot.
- Compatible with all mods that replace the M3 GTR mesh (Such as Archie's M3)

- This mod is NOT compatible with any big mods (Except Improvement Mod) due to differences in car unlocks.

Found at Readme.txt.

Special thanks to:
- nfsu360: For VltEd 4.6
- MaxHwoy: For Binary 2.8.3
- Archie: For OGVI 1.3.
- Valen2006 (me): For making the mod.
- You: For downloading the mod.

Initial Release (30/11/2019).
Update 1:
- Changed the name of the mod.
- Fixed a small issue with the Shift change sound for Improvement mod and Ultimate mod.
- Added a brand new mini-script.
Update 2:
- Added a folder so the car can have it's own frontend.
Update 3:
- Fixed an issue where the audio couldn't be heard with the upgrades script installed.
Update 4 (22/03/2020):
- Changed the stock parts in both upgrades scripts so you can have the parts from the Career Start M3 GTR from Most Wanted as stock parts.
Remake V1 (01/04/2024):
- Some nodes weren't ported over with that name. Therefore, a remake was made so that no matter what mods you have, you don't have to fear about the performance.
- A readme file was finally included and the mod now complies with that rule on NFSMods.
- The mod now has proper installation instructions included.
- Installation has now been made easier.
- Removed VltEd support in favour of Attribulator and OGVI.
- The mod now supports Binary.
- Some optional features were removed. Therefore, the car now has upgrades whether you want it or not, and you cannot remove the transmision whine anymore.
V1.1 (01/04/2024):
- Fix Binary script error about arguments.


Gunggu (April 07, 2024 @ 22:42)
@Valen1991 Yes but you need to use OGVI to install. It work for me :).

Valen1991 (April 07, 2024 @ 21:02)
@Gunggu It's in the description and the readme that the mod is not compatible with VltEd

Gunggu (April 07, 2024 @ 16:13)
UPDATE: It work for redux mod. but you need to use ogvi instead of nfs vlted

Valen1991 (April 05, 2024 @ 21:03)
@Gunggu Does Redux have a M3 GTR with the MW Performance? If not, then I don't think it should give any problems

Gunggu (April 05, 2024 @ 10:34)
Hey there, Does this mod compatible with Redux mod?

Uploaded at: November 30, 2019 @ 17:07


4d2bb4-M3 GTR MW Port.zip (Size: 8.56KB) Latest Version
dfbdd5-M3 GTR MW Port.zip (Size: 8.54KB) Old Version
87c7cb-M3 GTR (MW).zip (Size: 7.17KB) Old Version