Nissan 350z Devil Z Edition by DeFy

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

Nissan 350z Devil Z Edition

This mod replace the ugly hero vinyl UG2/Underground 2 for this clean dark blue with fiber carbon on the hood.

How to Install (hero icon)

1. Backup the original .BNDL file from \Need for Speed Most Wanted\UI\IMAGES\STREAMED
2. Replace the mod .BNDL file in \Need for Speed Most Wanted\UI\IMAGES\STREAMED

How to Install (Car Livery/Skin)

1. Backup the original .BNDL files from \Need for Speed Most Wanted\VEHICLES
2. Replace the mod .BNDL files in \Need for Speed Most Wanted\VEHICLES

Update: Now the 350z has a new icon livery for the menus.

Update 2: Now the Devil has new fiber carbon texture, adding fiber texture in the spoiler and the roof and fixing some issues on the hood.

Update 3: Fixed the crash when the game try to load the LO file of the car.



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Uploaded at: December 05, 2019 @ 01:20


25aa10-Update 3 Devil Z.rar (Size: 7.3MB) Latest Version
b2a596-Update 2 Devil Z.rar (Size: 8.7MB) Old Version
91959a-Mod Update.rar (Size: 4.3MB) Old Version