NFSC NIS Car Changer by KylaAngelineKZYeng

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NFSC NIS Car Changer


This mod change the cars that guide the Bosses.

This will replace their support cars with Tier 3 cars.

For example, Kenji was originally guided by two Euro Hatchbacks, this mod, gives him real Japanese tuners, you can choose between FR or 4WD Japanese Tuners to replace the Eclipse GT and the Euro Hatchbacks (Golf R32 and Clio)

There are multiple options you can choose from, for example, Kenji can be guided by either FR or F4 drivetrain tuners,
Angie can be helped by old or new muscles or custom ones,
while Wolf can have normal or bonus supercars helping him.

This mod can also be uninstalled and reverted back to the original cars.

Kenji: Option to choose between RWD or AWD Tuners (also can make Kenji's Evo IX appear instead of the stock one)
Angie: Can Choose between old or new muscle, or even super muscle cars (can choose if Angie Challenger appears or stock one)
Wolf: Can choose between standard or special supercars (can choose if Murcielago is stock or Wolf Edition)

How to Install
1. Open NFS-VltEd
2. Go to "File > Import > ModScript"
3. Select "Boss Intro Support.nfsms" in the file you just downloaded
4. Select the option you want (eg. 4WD tuners, super muscles, standard super cars)
5. After NFS-VltEd is done making it's changes, go to "File > Save"
6. Done


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Uploaded at: December 16, 2019 @ 11:53