Expanded Challenge Series by MrAdam

Category: Maps/Tracks | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Expanded Challenge Series


Expanded Challenge Series is a mod focusing on adding more events to the Challenge Series in somewhat vanilla fashion,
alongside possible new types of challenges such as a Drift Track Circuit or a Canyon Speedtrap, with preset car rewards towards the series.

NOTE: Due to how frontend works, each new added preset will not be in your pre-existing save, so you need to create a new one each update, also the files included are not compatible with NFS-VltEd, so you can't mod them

- Drift Track Circuits (Unlock Darius's Supra in the Bonus section)
- Drift Track Checkpoints (Unlock a Black M3 GTR, unused Quick Race preset, unlocked in the Bonus section)
- Drift Track Race Wars (Unlock Le Samurai's RX-7 in the Bonus section)
- Canyon Speedtraps (Unlock Nikki's 300C in the Bonus section)
- City Duels (Unlock Nikki's Charger SRT8 in the Bonus section)
- City Drifts (Unlock the Demo Camaro SS in the Bonus section)
- Hitting Police Milestone (Unlock the Demo Lancer Evolution IX in the Bonus section)
- Cost to State Milestone (Unlock the Demo Gallardo in the Bonus section)
- Pursuit Evasion Time Milestone (Unlock the Demo Video Gallardo in the Bonus section)
- Roadblocks Dodged Milestone (Unlock the Demo Challenger in the Bonus section)
- Spike Strips Dodged Milestone (Unlock the Demo Lancer (Scorpions Lancer) in the Bonus section)
- Bounty In Pursuit Milestone (Unlock the Demo DB9 in the Bonus section)
- NFSCO Testing Session based series (Unlock the Rotor 4 Boss RX-8

Copy all the files into your game directory and if asked, replace the files
NOTE: I recommend making a backup of the files it asks to replace so you can uninstall the mod by restoring your backed up files

Known bugs:
- The challenge icons are bugged icons of the previous set of events, unfixable on my part, apologies.

Credit to:
-379Felipe : Restored Darius Supra and Le Samurai RX-7 preset code

If you have any solid suggestion what more i can add to this mod then i might update it, but otherwise i consider it complete.

I also have a Discord server where you can report issues, get updated on mod updates, etc: https://discord.gg/HSKhx4d


MrAdam (June 23, 2020 @ 16:23)
did you make a new save?

EggRomancer (June 23, 2020 @ 14:44)
For some reason all the challenges are locked and require completion of things titles "Circuit " and "Drift ". With those spaces included.


MrAdam (May 02, 2020 @ 22:21)
other languages won't break the mod, but if you don't play on English you won't see added strings

MidnightC (April 26, 2020 @ 20:21)
The other languages shouldnt interfere with the mod right? English global is the file to replace. Noticed it shows your mod updated recently.

MrAdam (April 23, 2020 @ 11:57)
i don't have support added for other language strings, so not really

Uploaded at: December 20, 2019 @ 21:30


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d3c1c9-RELEASE.rar (Size: 7.48MB) Old Version
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