NFSC Veyron 16.4 [addon] by Lexal

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NFSC Veyron 16.4 [addon]

2008 Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Base car by Slightly Mad Studios from Shift 2: Unleashed, additional meshes and textures from Carbon, Undercover and HP2010.
Replaces nothing, XNAME is S2U164.

- 1 paintable stock kit with vinyl support
- can be customised with spoilers, roof scoops and rims; no other parts are available
- 3 NOS upgrades and 1 of each other performance upgrades
- Tier 3 exotic; costs 325,000
- the stock car is rather powerful, so its performance upgrades marginally improve all of its aspects rather than create a completely unbalanced monster

As this is an addon rather than a replacement, you'll need a couple tools:
- Carbon Unlimiter by nlg
- Binary by MaxHwoy

Once you have those, download the archive, unpack it anywhere and follow the instructions below:
- launch Binary [make sure you also installed its dependencies], click on User Mode [the left-hand side icon], select "binary_install.end" inside "164_ADDON/main", point to Carbon's main install directory, wait for Binary to install the car, press "Yes" when asked to save changes, but don't run the game just yet
- close Binary, launch VLTEd -> "File" -> "Open" -> nagivate to where Carbon is installed; afterwards "File" -> "Import" -> "Modscript", browse to "164_ADDON" -> "main" and select "vlt_install.nfsms", click Install, and VLTEd will apply the script; once done, press Ctrl+S to save the changes

After that's all done, you have to create a new savegame. Given how Binary arranges datablocks when saving, it will break all existing preset cars, including boss, bonus, custom, crew rides and all cars in "My Cars" list.

The car was tested on an NFSC 1.4 CE installation with the latest version of Improvement Mod, but it should also work fine with ANY other mod, provided said mod does not exceed 44 addon cars.

Big thanks to Neon, RaTT, MrAdam, sparx and heyitsleo for their help with this mod.

15/03/2020 update:
- replaced brake rotors with those commonly used by vanilla cars
- replaced and adjusted spoiler base to properly accomodate all wings
- gave all windows individual damage and remade their UV mapping
- changed brakelight and indicator shaders to be less bright
- changed brakelight cover glass shader to be slightly more pronounced
- resized secondary logo to fit better
- corrected tire width
- tweaked chassis and tyre values for increased stability and consistent handling
- removed custom rotor texture and engine normals, downsized interior and chassis textures
29/05/2020 update:
- fixed a previously unknown render issue on rims using REGPAINTx shaders
- changed the front grille emblem shader for a better look
03/08/2020 update:
- updated the car to use Binary v2 as the primary installation method; don't use Ed The Car Dealer and don't try to install the mod manually
10/11/2020 update:
- updated master script with code that checks whether a frontend TPKBlock was renamed by Texed and reverts its original name if required; this will prevent frontend logos from failing to install


Kangiru (November 08, 2020 @ 22:59)
the logo does not show in the game

[DELETED USER] (August 05, 2020 @ 09:52)
make this addon for mw

Avalanche (March 15, 2020 @ 21:00)
Update made it way better, nicely done

AJHELL190 (December 30, 2019 @ 23:09)
need this in MW

Lexal (December 29, 2019 @ 14:17)
it should be compatible with them. I tested it with improvement mod and it works fine.
you just need to use F5 [unlock everything] in extra options to see it in the car lot.
it's a temporary solution until I figure out a proper unlock method.

Uploaded at: December 27, 2019 @ 22:40


a80a29-C_08_VEYRON_ADDON.7z (Size: 1.39MB) Latest Version
456426-C_08_VEYRON_ADDON.7z (Size: 1.39MB) Old Version
66eefb-C_08_VEYRON_ADDON.7z (Size: 1.36MB) Old Version