Xanvier's NFS Music Player (MW 1.3) by Xanvier

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Xanvier's NFS Music Player (MW 1.3)

This is a custom music player replacement and a BASS library interface for NFS.

  • Custom playlist generation - put any number of songs you like!
  • Basic support for M3U playlists!
  • Interactive music playback - you're not missing out on these! You can even modify them to your liking! (requires a bit of skill)
  • Online streaming - listen to online radio in the game!
  • Automatic metadata reading
  • SHOUTcast metadata support - a track changed on the radio? No problem, the Chyron will pop up when it happens!
  • Music looping
  • Per track settings - need to change the song's shown title or change the loop point? You can set that in a separate settings file!
  • A LOT of formats supported:
    • BASS' natively supported streaming formats: MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG/WAV/AIFF
    • BASS' natively supported tracker formats (same as XMPlay): mo3/xm/mod/s3m/it/mtm/umx
    • BASSMIDI (only a single soundfont at a time for now :/)
    • Basic VGMStream (except Vorbis/OGG, AT3, MPEG, G7221, G719, MP4, AAC) - still a crapload of formats!

More info in the README!

1. Install Visual Studio 2015 x86 Redist (from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53587 ) (SKIP IF ALREADY INSTALLED)
2. Extract this package to your game's root directory
3. Start the game and follow the instructions
4. Do either of following things:
4.1 Make an M3U playlist with your favorite music player and save to scripts\XNFSMusicPlayer\Playlist.m3u
4.2 Open scripts\XNFSMusicPlayer.ini and set PlaylistFile to the path of your M3U file!

As of now there is no clear way of updating yet. Most of the times I only update the .asi files themselves, however on rare occasions sometimes I may add/change things in the .ini .

Most of the time you can simply extract the .asi files and you'll be fine, however if any issues arise please do start from scratch and overwrite any settings files!

1.8 WIP:
-- split codebase to support multiple games (not much new code or features yet)
- working on Carbon version
- simply uploading latest version due to server migration issues ATM
- preparing for GitHub code release

-- removed fixed memory areas for tracks, added dynamic memory allocation
- calloc's structures by the number of tracks
- the only limits for tracks now should be amount of available memory and my code's optimization
-- decreased the delay between tracks a bit

-- attempt to force disable channel slide if a looped song was playing
- interactive music could sometimes fade out between parts

- Player1's UserProfile database was being overwritten by track stuff so I disabled that
- I'm not sure if this will introduce new bugs but it seems good so far
- Only tested with 1331 tracks so far, there were no crashes
- In theory, the limit should now be 65535 tracks before I implement dynamic allocation

-- prevented the OS from stopping the DLL to start
- by returning TRUE even if an error occurs
- special thanks to LW_X_M_Officer_01b for testing
-- fixed build number
-- added rudimentary logging to file
- set LogFileEnabled to 1 in the ini to use
-- removed comment from the default SF2 file path
- strings don't have inline comment supported
-- hacked the hack previously made for infinite playback
- disabled it for interactive mode
- it previously caused game to randomly stop playing interactive music if it's ASF and kept queueing them
-- fixed some stupid issues with ID3v2 again

-- added M3U drive detection for Winamp style paths
-- added more bootflows for the installer
-- hack to prevent infinite playback of some files with VGMStream (except looped)
-- fixed duplicate path creation

-- fixed Vorbis comment reading
-- added M3U support
-- changed up some paths again for default files

-- fixed crashing issues with ID3v2 tag reading
-- changed default paths to suck less
-- added warning to user for a lot of tracks
- found out game has bugs with more than 120 or so tracks
-- added temporary Unicode to ASCII conversion before going to full Unicode (ID3v2 fixed)

For now, please report all bugs to the comments section of this page
Or contact me on Discord: Xanvier#6673

Do this (EXCEPT ON XP):
- Open scripts\XNFSMusicPlayer.ini
- Set VerbosityLevel to 3 and LogFileEnabled to 1
- Play the game to where the errors happen if you can, if otherwise, tell me where it happens (before game showed up, after game showed up, during menu/gameplay, etc.)
- Exit the game
- Set those VerbosityLevel and LogFileEnabled to the values before
- Send me the XNFSMusicPlayer.log found in scripts\XNFSMusicPlayer (only if it's not empty)

Once I release the sources, GitHub will be used for proper bug reporting.

XNFSMusicPlayer: (coming soon)
XNFSMusicPlayerInstaller: https://github.com/xan1242/xnfsmusicplayerinstaller


CDTH06 (July 12, 2021 @ 17:20)
When I opening Carbon, opening console and after few seconds, console closing and game doesn't loading

none9400 (June 24, 2021 @ 20:03)
Doesn't fucking work properly. Sometimes with 300 songs works, but DOES NOT FUNCTION, meaning tracks will skip. Sometimes with 200 songs it will launch but crash instantly. This is all on the ""newest"" version, by the way. Fuck this mod

Exogery (June 11, 2021 @ 19:23)
Tracks > 20 works fine

ShadowPlay32 (May 24, 2021 @ 13:44)
I somehow only managed to import 19 songs and can't get over it. if I put 20th song, game would just crash.

TBNRassault0030 (February 27, 2021 @ 08:28)
Compatibility for Underground 1, Underground 2, And Carbon Please


Uploaded at: October 14, 2017 @ 00:54

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