Xan's NFS Music Player by Xanvier

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Xan's NFS Music Player

This is a custom music player replacement and a BASS library interface for NFS.

Supports Most Wanted and Carbon.

You can find current and future releases here: https://github.com/xan1242/XNFSMusicPlayer/releases

  • Custom playlist generation - put any number of songs you like!
  • Basic support for M3U playlists!
  • Interactive music playback - you're not missing out on these! You can even modify them to your liking! (requires a bit of skill)
  • Online streaming - listen to online radio in the game!
  • Automatic metadata reading
  • SHOUTcast metadata support - a track changed on the radio? No problem, the Chyron will pop up when it happens!
  • Music looping
  • Per track settings - need to change the song's shown title or change the loop point? You can set that in a separate settings file!
  • A LOT of formats supported:
    • BASS' natively supported streaming formats: MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG/WAV/AIFF
    • BASS' natively supported tracker formats (same as XMPlay): mo3/xm/mod/s3m/it/mtm/umx
    • BASSMIDI (only a single soundfont at a time for now :/)

More info in the README!

1. Install Visual Studio 2015 x86 Redist (from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53587 ) (SKIP IF ALREADY INSTALLED)
2. Extract this package to your game's root directory
3. Start the game and follow the instructions
4. Do either of following things:
4.1 Make an M3U playlist with your favorite music player and save to scripts\XNFSMusicPlayer\Playlist.m3u
4.2 Open scripts\XNFSMusicPlayer.ini and set PlaylistFile to the path of your M3U file!

Go here: https://github.com/xan1242/XNFSMusicPlayer/issues

XNFSMusicPlayer: https://github.com/xan1242/XNFSMusicPlayer


SamuraiDamon (June 08, 2023 @ 17:16)
Ignore that last comment, my dumbass didn't know that the drag races and the prologue was broken for this, rest works now

SamuraiDamon (June 06, 2023 @ 13:13)
Clearly this mod maker never tested his mod in the first place, judging how no matter what I do, the audio either double plays, restarts after a few seconds or just non stop plays even if you pause. I disabled interactive music in menu and disabled/enabled EA Trax but it didn't help either way, kinda lame for my expectations.

Dyseminate (June 06, 2023 @ 02:29)
cool mod but it plays songs in races that i set to only play in the menus. is there a fix?

Pluvillion (February 01, 2023 @ 14:47)
Heads up: Make your playlists with foobar and for my fellow audiophiles out there, convert your flac or wav to 320kbps for safe compatibility. The game is prone to crashing if it attempts to read an audio file over 20mb.

LightRock97 (January 27, 2023 @ 01:18)
This is one of the sorceriest sorceries I've ever come across. Salute my man. No more playing songs on external players.


Uploaded at: October 14, 2017 @ 00:54

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