Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 - Widescreen Fix by Xanvier

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 - Widescreen Fix

A rudimentary widescreen fix for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 on PC

  • Recalculates camera FOV
  • Fixes ingame and FrontEnd resolution (permanently disables resolution limiting)
  • FrontEnd element position scaling (or centering to 4:3)
  • Configure and increase the memory allocations (e.g. for the render class (CLASS_RENDER) - this fixes higher poly models from crashing the game (e.g. car mods))
  • Reroute the save directory
  • Ingame resolution changes are currently buggy (have to enter a race then exit or restart the game)
  • Needs detail polish (multiplayer server browser, some menus not centered, etc.)

  • Extract the contents of the .zip file to the game's root directory.
  • Go to your save directory (My Documents\EA Games), open rendercaps.ini and adjust your resolution under the [Graphics] key ([GraphicsFE] is unused)
  • Check out HP2WSFix.ini for more adjustments
  • If you have less than 1GB RAM: rename HP2WSFix_LowMem.ini to HP2WSFix.ini
  • If any issues arise, install the VC++ 2015 - 2019 Redistibutable package: Download link

  • ThirteenAG - for the injector, inireader and the Ultimate ASI Loader.
  • EA Canada - the game code itself

Requirements (for the release binaries)
  • SSE2 capable CPU (Pentium 4 and newer)
  • 1GB RAM for HD fonts and textures (RECOMMENDED: HD FONTS)
  • Windows XP or newer (Wine REQUIRES workaround, see this link, WinXP doesn't have the console window possibility)
  • Visual C++ Redistibutable 2015
  • Version 242 (or version 1.32.20-R) of the game: PATCH DOWNLOAD LINK & a NoCD patch for it

Source code can be found here: GitHub page

Standard widescreen (1280x720)

Ultrawide (2560x1080)


speedforneed (April 08, 2021 @ 03:20)
people play this version?

Xanvier (January 02, 2020 @ 12:19)
@LastSalvatioN Not at the moment, I did not test videos. Right now, I recommend playing with the -nofrustration argument to skip the intro and go straight to main menu.

LastSalvatioN (December 30, 2019 @ 18:56)
Cutscenes are still small. Is there a way to fix it?


Uploaded at: December 29, 2019 @ 01:18