Need for Speed: Most Wanted - E3 Demo Drag Race by elaymm4 and trackmaniamatt

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted - E3 Demo Drag Race

Download here:

Thank you for downloading the recreated E3 Demo drag race!

This took a HECK of a long time to make, as the checkpoints and traffic were very tedious. But in the end, this was totally worth it!

HUGE thanks to elaymm4 , the author of the Beta Content Mod (also for NFS Most Wanted), for the new version of the modscript. This script fixes a TON of problems, and other issues that this race previously had.

To install:

1. Extract the .nfsms files from the .zip archive to somewhere you'll remember where it is. (For my modscripts, I have them saved in a folder called "scripts", in the NFS VLTEd folder.)
2. Open up NFS VLTEd 4.6 (dowload it here:
3. Locate your NFS Most Wanted game folder.
4. Click File -> Import -> ModScript
5. Locate the modscript (PART 0 - Traffic Stuff.nfsms), and click Open. (DO THIS BEFORE INSTALLING THE OTHER SCRIPTS, OTHERWISE THE RACE WILL NOT WORK!!!)
6. When the box comes up, click Install.
4a. Click File -> Import -> ModScript
5a. Locate the modscript (PART 1 - Main Race.nfsms), and click Open.
6a. When the box comes up, click Install.

7. That's it! The race installed. However, if you want to use the E3 Demo version, go down to Steps 7a and 7b. Otherwise, enjoy the race!

7a. Locate the modscript (PART 2 - E3 Demo Version (Optional).nfsms), and click Open.
7b. When the box comes up, click Install.

8. That's it! Enjoy the race!


10/16/2017 - Initial Release

10/30/2020 - Updated the script to fix erroneous traffic spawn triggers. (Thanks, RaTT!)

11/21/2020 - Added a script to add the missing traffic cars in the race (drag_traffic). (Thanks, sKyl1ne!)

11/22/2020 - Updated the script to make the race appear in Quick Race (Thanks, Ariso!)

If there are any errors, contact me at my Discord: trackmaniamatt#4726

If you want to upload this mod to other websites, feel free to do so, but PLEASE be sure to give credit to me AND elaymm4 as the original authors!

Enjoy the race everyone! And let's get containment on this guy, and force him into a roadblock!

- trackmaniamatt.

Check out my YouTube channel here:


trackmaniamatt (October 17, 2017 @ 10:28)
@KingGaurav I somehow forgot that when I made this script, I accidentally deleted the activity node in the gameplay folder. I will be uploading a fix that changes that. For now, if you have a backup of the gameplay.bin and .lzc files, put those back in, and once my fix is approved, try installing that. My apologies for the screw up. :P

KingGaurav (October 17, 2017 @ 05:05)
Ummn,after installing the modscript,the script only has errors and when i try to launch my game it crashes after "Load Complete"

Uploaded at: October 16, 2017 @ 20:33


318118-Updated Link for E3 Demo Drag (Size: 242 bytes) Latest Version
fea027-Download (Size: 266 bytes) Old Version (Size: 5.56KB) Old Version

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