High Quality Manufacturer/Model Logos for Black Box NFS games by KylaAngelineKZYeng

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High Quality Manufacturer/Model Logos for Black Box NFS games


This mod replaces low-quality CARSELECT_MANFACTURER and most (not all) SECONDARY_LOGOs (128x64 for brand logos, 256x64 for secondary logos) with higher quality logos (mostly 512x256 or 1024x512, some are 2048x1024 or 4096x2048 for brand logos). Also compatible with Ed the Car Dealer.
Also, some brand logos are changed to be updated to their current logo. Some examples of logo changes are:
Alfa Romeo: Current 2015-present logo
Audi: 2016-present 4 ring logo replaces 1997-2009 Audi Logo
BMW: Updated to the new flat logo
Chrysler: 2009-present logo instead of 1998-2009 logo
Chevrolet: Current logo in use since 2013 (except Corvettes)
Dodge: Current 2010-present replaces 1993-2009 Ram logo for non-vintage Dodge Cars, Old 1964-1993 Logo used on Vintage Dodge cars
Fiat: 2003-2006 logo replaced by newer 2006-present logo
Ford: 2017-present logo
Jaguar: 2012-present logo
Lotus: 2005-10 logo replaced by 2010-19 logo
McLaren: Removed Mercedes-Benz's logo so it could be used for ''proper'' McLaren's
Mitsubishi Motors: 2017-present wordmark
Nissan: Updated to the new flat logo
Shelby (newer Mustang GT500s): Cobra logo instead of generic wordmark
Vauxhall: 2009-present logo replaces 2002-08 badge
Volkswagen: Updated to the 2019-present flat logo
Currently supports the following NFS games/mods:
Carbon (including Battle Royale, Battle Royale DLCs, Improvement Mod, Endgame Mod, Ultimate Mod, Extended Car List 1 and 2, and many more addon cars)
Most Wanted '05 (including most addon cars),
Underground 2 (including Olympic Imports and a few addon brands),
To Install, copy the FrontB/FrontA/FrontB1.BUN/lzc file provided to your FRONTEND folder. Take a backup in case you want to revert to the compressed low quality logos
Latest Update: Porsche crest updated to newer Porsche crest on NFSUC, PS and Carbon.
BadassBaboon: Remastered UI for Carbon
CBR team (making Battle Royale)
ImpMod Team/379Felipe (making Improvement Mod)
nfsu360: Making texEd
EA/BB: NFS World logos
Darth Ditto: Fixing some logos
Swooning/NFSF1McLaren: Some secondary logos for cars that had improper logos in vanilla black box games
MW Redux: HQ SecondaryLogos on MW vanilla cars.
BullShark: Some car model logos
Eclipse72Rus: Some addon cars, some HD brand/model logos for his ModLoader cars, but compressed it to 128x64/256x64 (vanilla quality) for addons
RaTT: Ultimate Mod.
nlgzrgn: Ed The Car Dealer, Olympic Imports, various add-on cars


Johnlong (March 19, 2020 @ 04:06)
How To Install In Undercover?Use<MW-EdSupport>?And Another One,Fix JDM Legend 2 Mod

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20b3c6-HighQualityBrandLogos.zip (Size: 29.54MB) Latest Version
b37552-HighQualityBrandLogos.zip (Size: 28.7MB) Old Version
569db0-HighQualityBrandLogos.zip (Size: 29.93MB) Old Version
cc9dae-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 31.07MB) Old Version
2a1f42-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 31.05MB) Old Version
716af4-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 31.71MB) Old Version
11a4e2-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 31.33MB) Old Version
5ba899-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 31.29MB) Old Version
960d27-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 31.29MB) Old Version
d84546-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 31.68MB) Old Version
5efae5-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 31.16MB) Old Version
886976-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 29.74MB) Old Version
a2907c-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 30.65MB) Old Version
b5b79b-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 30.34MB) Old Version
321a26-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 42.34MB) Old Version
57f5b7-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 42.29MB) Old Version
c386c6-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 41.49MB) Old Version
2e7b4e-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 41.22MB) Old Version
93f2af-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 39.28MB) Old Version
903a16-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 39.28MB) Old Version
3df5f8-5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 39.02MB) Old Version
5dd74b-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 34.13MB) Old Version
c2ecb9-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 26.8MB) Old Version
87db30-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 26.16MB) Old Version
8bfcb1-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 27.53MB) Old Version
24dc0f-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 22.33MB) Old Version
4f99ad-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 20.99MB) Old Version
4fd7f9-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 18.33MB) Old Version
5d2143-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 16.74MB) Old Version
6336d6-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 14.5MB) Old Version