Extended Car List 2 by MrAdam

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Extended Car List 2


The point of this mod is to bring new cars into the game's pre-existing car lot, most cars will be unlocked through the career, just find where the unlock is, some will be unlocked from the start.

NOTE: The files included are not compatible with NFS-VltEd, so you can't open them with it.
NOTE 2: You can disable the AddOnOpponentsPartsFix in the Unlimiter if you want opponents to use customization when they have some, i fixed that issue so the fix via Unlimiter is not needed.

- Nissan R35 GT-R Nismo 2018
- BMW E31 850 CSi
- Lotus Exige Cup 260
- Porsche 991 GT2 RS Weissach Package (NOTE: for the Tuner and Muscle careers, unlocks after beating Darius, as it's unlocked alongside the Carrera GT)
- Ford Focus RS Gen 2 (Includes an added spoiler)
- Seat Leon Cupra Gen 2 (Includes an added spoiler)
- Shelby GT500 Super Snake 2013
- Lamborghini Miura SV
- Honda Civic SI FG2 (Includes an added spoiler)
- Chevrolet Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition
- Lexus IS350
- Pontiac Firebird Formula 1977
- Lamborghini Murciélago SV
- Renault Megane RS
- BMW M3 E30
- Porsche 959 Sport
- BMW M3 E46 (Includes 2 added spoilers, and an added wheel)
- Nissan 200sx
- Saleen S7 (Includes an added spoiler)
- BMW M1 Coupe
- Volkswagen Scirocco
- BMW M6 Coupe
- Chevrolet Corvette C4 Grand Sport
- Acura Integra Type R
- Porsche 918 Spyder 2013 (Includes an added spoiler)
- Saab 9-3 Turbo X
- Ferrari Testarossa
- Maserati Gran Turismo MC Strandale
- Mitsubishi 3000GT (Includes 17 added spoilers)
- Brian's Toyota Supra (you need UnlockAll to access it)

The download (at least for now) is in an .url file in the .rar you can download from this page.

1. Copy the CARS, GLOBAL, SOUND and scripts folder to your game's directory.
2. Import the "ecl2.end" with Binary 2.2.0 or higher, then select your game directory, and then press save.
NOTE: I recommend making a backup of the files it asks to replace so you can uninstall the mod by restoring your backed up files

"bonus" installation:
The "bonus" folder features a HUD made with CustomHUD by ARCHIE, done for personal use but i am putting it out as public if anyone wants to try it as bonus content for ECL 2, to install it, first install CustomHUD, and then just copy and paste the folder to your "scripts" folder in your game directory (you don't need ECL 2 to use it, i just rather put it into some other thing than it's own release)

Accessing the new Challenge Series:
To access the new ECL 2 Challenge Series content, you need to install Extra Options, and under the [Menu] section, change "ChallengeSeriesBlacklist" to 69 for ECL 2's Challenge Series, and if you wanna return to the vanilla one, use 19. The unlocks here are not properly labeled due to the way the Challenge Series works, so the descriptions of the gold events will contain info on what you unlock

-NFSC Extra Options https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/729
-NFSC Unlimiter https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/846
- Binary 2.2.0 or higher (versions prior to 2.2.0 might not work) https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1638
- a brain

Credit to:
- RaTT: Nissan GT-R Nismo, Porsche 991 GT2 RS, Porsche 918 Spyder and Saleen S7 Logos and sounds, and logos for the Lamborghini Miura SV and Pontiac Firebird Formula.
- Ketsueki: Thumbnail
- Miles Dipperion: Testing, teaching me to port TMX data to .GIN, M6 taillight off texture from Undercover
- trackmaniamatt: for_mus_d_eng .GIN's from NFS World
- Neon: Additional help with porting audio from TMX files, hon_s2k_a_eng and hon_civic_a .GIN's from NFS Prostreet, HP2010 Lamborghini Murciélago SV model i used to improve the NFS World one, and it's HP2010 sounds, Maserati logo from MW2012 and Maserati Gran Turismo S sounds from HP2010 i used for the MC Strandale
- Lexal: Gear ratios for the Renault Megane RS, vinyl mapping for the Chevrolet Corvette C4 Grand Sport as well as the vinyl texture, mesh fixing for the Porsche 918 Spyder, help with the Mitsubishi 3000GT
- ARCHIE: Script that allowed me to reduce sizes and enable pop ups (it's included in the mod, but here is a separate download: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1798)
- Ti-Sonic: Saleen S7 Source

I also have a Discord server where you can report issues, stay up to date on mod updates, etc: https://discord.gg/HSKhx4d


FbfW375g (July 09, 2021 @ 15:50)
I want a NFSMS installer version...

UIextension7 (May 10, 2021 @ 08:18)
excuse me but everytime i select aftermarket for 918 the game force exit, is there a way to fix this ?

FireHazard2000 (March 26, 2021 @ 19:35)
The Firebird Formula needs a serious rebalance because it has got to be the worst car in the game. The thing fully upgraded is slower than most stock cars, and its acceleration off the line is abysmal. It's a shame because it's such a cool car and it looks great.

MrAdam (March 19, 2021 @ 07:34)
no you can't

MrShaggy1999 (March 12, 2021 @ 23:44)
can I use your first pack alongside this pack?

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