Rebalanced Cops System by Frexellia

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Rebalanced Cops System


This mod will rebalanced all the heat & make the cops feels more heavier rather than feels like a paper
I also change heat 6 to match with the cutscene, don't worry the difficulty is still the same

Heat 1 : Civic Cruiser
Heat 2 : Undercover Civic Cruiser
Heat 3 : Civic Cruiser, Undercover Civic Cruiser & Rhino SUV Unit (Light)
Heat 4 : State Cruiser
Heat 5 : Undercover State Cruiser & Air Support Unit
Heat 6 : Civic Cruiser, Rhino SUV Unit (Heavy) & Air Support Unit
Heat 7 : Rhino SUV Unit (Light) & Rhino SUV Unit (Heavy)
Heat 8 : Civic Cruiser, State Cruiser & Federal Cruiser
Heat 9 : Undercover Civic Cruiser, Undercover State Cruiser & Undercover Federal Cruiser
Heat 10 : Federal Cruiser, Undercover Federal Cruiser & Sergeant Cross

Update V0.2 :
Fixed suv cops that won't chase you and fled from the pursuits

I'd recommend using Extra Options by ExtOps Team for full experience, set HeatLevelOverride to 1 and PursuitActionMode to 1

Heat 8 and up won't have air support unit due to only 3 cops type limitation in the game files

Credits :
nfsu360 for Vlted 4.6
ExtOps Team for NFSMW Extra Options


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