NFSPS - McLaren F1 Fixes Pack by Kai

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: ProStreet

NFSPS - McLaren F1 Fixes Pack

This mod consists of various improvements & fixes for the McLaren F1.

• Corrected the stupidly high ride height & pitch. (looked like the damn thing was on hydraulics beforehand lmao).
This is purely visual. It doesn't affect how the car handles.

• Fixed the sound. Previously the stock version had no sound at all, & the upgraded version used the same sounds as the Koenigsegg CCX. Instead, I've replaced them with sounds from NFS World (F1 Elite) for both stock & upgraded versions. So now you can properly experience that roaring BMW V12, instead of that dreadful V8 sound that doesn't suit it in the slightest.

• Changed it's class from Muscle to Exotic... Yes, you read that right. In the vanilla game, this car is in the muscle class. That's why the race day announcers say something along the lines of "That thing is a fine example of pure American muscle" when they refer to this car.

• New paint. This is just quality of life rather than a "fix". A shade of that classic McLaren orange. Instead of the boring metallic grey. This is the same colour as in one of my other mods.

The state of this car is baffling considering this car was a standalone three dollar DLC. (I am aware that the DLC was unfinished, & never "officially" released on PC. but even on the PS3/360 version, all of these issues are STILL present.)
The "ultimate road car". I think they did a disservice to this legendary car with it's depiction in this game lol.

...Anyway, all of these changes are separate scripts. So if you don't like one of these changes, you don't have to install them.

Install the scripts with VltEd, & put the sound files in the games folder (replaces nothing).

Hope you enjoy. Have a good day :)


RealRaptoReX (March 19, 2020 @ 14:12)
Hey man, good fix! There is a issue tough, the thing is too low in its ride height. Even stock, mine clips in the front wheels. With a body kit on, it gets even worse.

Kai (January 21, 2020 @ 14:11)
The stock version had sound, yes. But they never fixed the other two issues. I had the DLCs on the PS3.

Neon114 (January 21, 2020 @ 10:50)
In PS3 and X360, all cars are fixed. Even the F1 has an engine sound.

Uploaded at: January 20, 2020 @ 10:32