Beta Texture Pack by 379Felipe, MaxHwoy

Category: Any | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Beta Texture Pack

This pack contains several "beta" textures, which most of them extracted from the Xbox Demo, Xbox360 Demo, Xbox360 Alpha 33 1 and from the incomplete August Build. Yet some of textures in this pack were recreated from pre-release videos and screenshots such as the neon track barriers, HUD icons and so on, either because their textures were never found or because the original texture was too low resolution.

Every texture file is separated by folders and sub-folders which shows to which file they belong and which file the texture should replace. Additionally the texture files are separated by their chunk in the folders.
Be aware that a few textures were removed from the final game release, so you won't find them in the game files to replace.


Whit (June 09, 2023 @ 13:51)
@G1briel use this

G1briel (December 18, 2020 @ 19:09)
How to Make the Beta Font , Like in the speedy's vids?

AleX (July 22, 2020 @ 21:44)
idk why but the locked area barriers for don't change :(

Uploaded at: February 02, 2020 @ 19:54