NFS 2015 Sound Mods Pack by Pottis

Category: Sounds | Game: Need for Speed 2015

NFS 2015 Sound Mods Pack

A compilation of sound mods I've made for the last year or so.

If you encounter any problems or want to give feedback, go right ahead.

This mod uses Frosty Mod Manager (and just a little tip, the lower the mod is on the applied mod list, the higher priority it has) and to install it:

1. Get the latest version of Frosty Mod Manager from here
2. Open it, click on 'New' and select NFS15's .exe file (NFS16.exe)
3. Click on 'Import Mod(s) and import the .fbmod files
4. Apply the imported mods
5. Launch the game


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Uploaded at: February 07, 2020 @ 22:37