Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Recompiled Mini Map Files by trackmaniamatt

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Recompiled Mini Map Files


Download here:

Hey everyone!

This mod decompresses the mini map files for races, which in turn, allows them to be edited in NFS TexEd.

1) Make a backup of TRACKS folder.
2) Unzip the TRACKS.
3) Move TRACKS folder to NFSMW main directory.
4) Overwrite all files.
5) Done, you are good to go!

Known Issues:

- Recompiled mini map files can only be opened in NFS TexEd v1.5.1 for some reason.
- Please report if you see any other issues.
! Updated the mod download link to a working one.

! Initial release.

- MWInside for his Recompiler tool for NFSMW.
- Myself for recompiling the mini map files.
- nfsu360 for NFS TexEd.
- And you, for downloading this mod!
© 2020 trackmaniamatt @ ExOpts Team. No rights reserved.


Xander707 (October 26, 2023 @ 06:25)
@trackmaniamatt Hello, I hope you are well... I am coming to you for help and to know if you can tell/show me how I can recompile "MINI_MAP.BIN" to a higher resolution from 1024px to 2048px, 4096px. just like "KryZeePlays" did for its Redux V3 version...

Thank you in advance and I hope you can help me.

trackmaniamatt (March 09, 2022 @ 19:29)
@Xander707 Thanks! That's much appreciated! :D

Xander707 (February 12, 2022 @ 11:21)
Hello friend ''trackmaniamatt'' and ''MWInside'', God bless you guys... thanks to you, finally after several years I will be able to change the appearance of the blessed ''Mini_Map'' jajaja... I'll try to do something cute like the guys from ''NFS Challenges'', best regards.

trackmaniamatt (November 04, 2021 @ 20:54)
@R3SAX Use the download link in the description of the mod. The one in the ReadMe file is an old link, which is down.

R3SAX (September 06, 2021 @ 02:41)
upload again pls! the link is broken, if not, pls tell me how you do it. pls reply!

Uploaded at: February 09, 2020 @ 19:53