NFS Carbon Countach [addon] by Lexal

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NFS Carbon Countach [addon]

1985 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole

Base car by Firemonkeys/EA from Real Racing 3; rims, tyres, brakes, lights and misc details by Kunos Simulazioni from Assetto Corsa. Uses default NFS Carbon driver.
Replaces nothing, XNAME is RR3COUNTACH.

- 1 paintable stock kit with mostly accurate vinyl support
- can be customised with rims, spoilers and roof scoops
- can swap between popup lights up/down by using "front bumper" section in autosculpt customisation menu
- 3 NOS upgrades and 2 of each other performance upgrades
- Tier 3 exotic; available as soon as you create a new savegame, costs 110,000

As this is an addon rather than a replacement, you'll need a couple tools:
- Carbon Unlimiter by nlg or Car Array Patch by sparx; don't use both at the same time as that can cause serious issues
- Ed The Car Dealer

Once you have those, download the archive, unpack it anywhere and follow the instructions to a T.
- in "COUNTACH_ADDON" folder, go to "ed", copy both "Config" and "Resources" directories and paste them inside your Ed The Car Dealer folder [where Ed.exe is located], merge folders when prompted
- next, launch Ed.exe, "Main" -> "Open" -> browse to your NFS Carbon installation folder; you should see my mod listed there, but it's not installed just yet; click on "Apply" to have Ed modify the FRONTEND/GLOBAL/LANGUAGE databases; once done, Ed will display a "new cars added successfully" confirmation dialog
- close Ed, launch VLTEd -> "File" -> "Open" -> nagivate to where Carbon is installed; afterwards "File" -> "Import" -> "Modscript", browse to "COUNTACH_ADDON" -> "main" and select "_install.nfsms", click Install, and VLTEd will do the rest, including folder creation and file copying. Once VLTEd finishes installation, press Ctrl+S to save the changes.

After that's all done, you can either create a new savegame or use maxhwoy's NFSC Save Patcher located here.

The car was tested on an NFSC 1.4 CE installation with the latest version of Improvement Mod, but it should also work fine on either vanilla or with other mods.

Big thanks to Aceofsquares, RaTT, MrAdam, Avalanche and Neon for their help with this mod.


RoboticCyborg (February 15, 2020 @ 12:23)
@domk001 I wish someone would make a solid tutorial on how to convert a modloader car to an addon car so i don't have to rely on people, cuz there are a ton i want to convert like the Honda S2000, Acura RSX, Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS, Toyota Celica GT-Four and Lamborghini Diablo SV.

domk001 (February 12, 2020 @ 20:00)
i want to convert an modloader car from nfsmw to an addon car. The car is a Porsche 911 gt2 from nfs Undercover. but the only one what i can see is the carrera gt. What is my mistake?

Uploaded at: February 10, 2020 @ 17:50