NFSPS - S15 Silvia Hoodcam Fix by Kai

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: ProStreet

NFSPS - S15 Silvia Hoodcam Fix

It bugged me that the hoodcam for this car was on the left side, even though it's RHD. All this does is moves the camera to the right side, same as the R34 Skyline.

Strongly recommend downloading this too if you haven't already:
(Changes the car from a NA 5-speed, to a turbocharged 6-speed, with real gear ratios. Same as the real thing.)

That's all. Hope you have a good day :)


Kai (February 19, 2020 @ 10:21)
Thank you! Yes I will, whenever I have time to get around to it!

ThelKiller7890 (February 19, 2020 @ 00:01)
Nice mod the way, will you fix the other DLC cars as well?

Uploaded at: February 14, 2020 @ 08:32