NFS Heat LE Car Assets by 7ndrew, Nightwolf

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NFS Heat LE Car Assets


NFS Heat Legends Edition car meshes and textures

Assets exported by 7ndrew and Nightwolf with Frosty Editor Alpha

This is ONLY a modding resource for car mod makers
It includes the meshes and textures only of the L.E. cars/kits, as well their own liveries

-Joe's Polestar 1 "setHRO" parts
-BMW M3 GTR "setRZR" parts and BMW M3 E46 "setE" parts
-Eddie's Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 "setEDY" parts
-Rachel's Nissan 350Z "setRCH" parts

Note: I've been getting reports about broken UV maps for certain parts. I tested them myself and found nothing broken, just extremely large or extremely small mapping in some cases.
Please, when reporting a broken part, tell me which mesh it is and include a screenshot, so I know which part to re-export.

Update 2.0
-Nightwolf exported (hopefully) every single missing asset, even shared ones. Thank you so much!

Update 1.4
-Included missing trunk lid, exhaust and caliper for the Skyline R34
Note: Shared parts are likely to be missing. I'm pretty sure I've missed a whole lot of other parts as well. I'll go through each and every single car again to find all the missing parts, when I'm in the mood. Until then, hope that the Heat profile for Frosty Editor arrives soon enough.

Update 1.3
-Included missing rear bumper for Joe's Polestar 1

Update 1.2
-Included headlights and taillights for the Polestar, M3 GTR and Skyline R34

Update 1.1
-Included rims


SpK7z (October 24, 2020 @ 13:38)
Hey, I really need these cars and the Corvette KS for renders, can you help me? It would be very helpful to have them, since the ones I have the geometry is badly ripped, and these are very good, only the vinyls are not mapped but if you want you can also help me, thank you very much for reading

Frexellia (July 24, 2020 @ 01:55)
@kaorisakuramori if I'm not mistaken NFS Heat does have the NSX Kakimoto kit but it's hidden/unused for unknown reason

ThatDiamond (May 20, 2020 @ 09:37)
Yes. Will I? No.

kaorisakuramori (May 19, 2020 @ 10:05)
can you export the NSX with Kakimoto Kit from NFS 2015?

ThatDiamond (May 13, 2020 @ 18:14)
I don't know how the wrap textures work, so I can't help with that

Uploaded at: February 16, 2020 @ 16:47


b23b2e-NFSH LE Car Assets 2.0 Download link.7z (Size: 266 bytes) Latest Version
1ca27a-Download link.7z (Size: 213 bytes) Old Version
851061-Download link.7z (Size: 218 bytes) Old Version