NFS Carbon F40 [addon] by Lexal

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NFS Carbon F40 [addon]

1987 Ferrari F40

Base car by Slightly Mad Studios from Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends; additional meshes and textures from Assetto Corsa, Forza 3, HP2010 and Heat. Uses default NFS Carbon driver.
Replaces nothing, XNAME is TDFF40.

- stock kit - standard bodywork; kit 1 - standard bodywork with popups open; kit 2 - 1989 F40 LM bodywork
- scratch-made vinyl mapping, see below for details
- 3 NOS upgrades and 2 of each other performance upgrades
- Tier 3 exotic; available as soon as you create a new savegame, costs 215,000

Note regarding vinyls:
Car uses the same UV style as all other vanilla NFSC cars, but wing, wing sides, and side mirrors were moved aside:
- to paint mirrors, move vinyls towards the front wheel arches
- to paint the top/bottom part of stock wing, move vinyls behind the rear bumper; for wing sides, move vinyls towards rear wheel arches

As this is an addon rather than a replacement, you'll need a couple tools:
- Carbon Unlimiter by nlg or Car Array Patch by sparx; don't use both at the same time as that can cause serious issues
- Ed The Car Dealer

Once you have those, download the archive, unpack it anywhere and follow the instructions to a T.
- in "F40_ADDON" folder, go to "ed", copy both "Config" and "Resources" directories and paste them inside your Ed The Car Dealer folder [where Ed.exe is located], merge folders when prompted
- next, launch Ed.exe, "Main" -> "Open" -> browse to your NFS Carbon installation folder; you should see my mod listed there, but it's not installed just yet; click on "Apply" to have Ed modify the FRONTEND/GLOBAL/LANGUAGE databases; once done, Ed will display a "new cars added successfully" confirmation dialog
- close Ed, launch VLTEd -> "File" -> "Open" -> nagivate to where Carbon is installed; afterwards "File" -> "Import" -> "Modscript", browse to "F40_ADDON" -> "main" and select "_install.nfsms", click Install, and VLTEd will do the rest, including folder creation and file copying. Once VLTEd finishes installation, press Ctrl+S to save the changes.

After that's all done, you can either create a new savegame or use maxhwoy's NFSC Save Patcher located here.

The car was tested on an NFSC 1.4 CE installation with the latest version of Improvement Mod, but it should also work fine on either vanilla or with other mods.

Big thanks to Aceofsquares, RaTT, MrAdam and Avalanche for their help with this mod.

29/05/2020 update:
- changed rim, brakelight, indicator, emblem and headlight shaders for improved look
- completely replaced tyres, rims and calipers with lightweight meshes from Assetto Corsa; updated their respective textures
- swapped custom rotors to vanilla Carbon ones
- just like Countach, fixed an issue that could occasionally cause the upgraded car to be stuck at low RPM at the starting grid
- increased price to 215,000
30/05/2020 update:
- corrected body UV to better accomodate vinyls
- fixed broken normals on the wing lettering by replacing full 3D mesh with a lightweight one from Heat; kudos to ARCHIE for this


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Uploaded at: February 17, 2020 @ 06:25


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