NFS Undercover Ferrari F430 Addon by LegSolo

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NFS Undercover Ferrari F430 Addon


Correct emitters ect
Wheel positions
Correct Tiers
Custom Handling/Performance
no nos effects atm, driver is missing, fix coming shortly.
drag the CARS and DAMAGE folders into ur game directory and merge the folders.
place the config folder in the games directory
open ED and install the ini
then open VLTED 4.5 or above and install the .nfsms
save and launch the game.
Note: In order for addon cars to work you must rather add them via save editor or start a new game.
Special Thanks to Miles and the NFS Modding Community for all there tips, help and hard work!


LegSolo (March 06, 2020 @ 17:47)
hmm alrighty my game version is 10.0.1 also go into the car_lists and add more fields to FE_cars and All_Cars, then just add pvehicle, f430 and it should work load in there when you start a new game.

djnc97 (March 04, 2020 @ 23:18)
The fact of the matter is that this car is not in the car dealership, even the name of the car is not in the lists of car dealership names ... What version of the game do you have?

LegSolo (March 04, 2020 @ 12:52)
alrighty, it appears the script has already been installed previously, which is explains all those errors, the car should work fine however the pvehicle error is different to the rest which could be due to the game version difference. if the car works fine then its nothing to worry about. but if no ill look further into it :v

djnc97 (March 04, 2020 @ 00:02)
OK, here is a screenshot of the errors in NFS VLTEd:

LegSolo (March 03, 2020 @ 12:09)
can you screenshot the errors and post them? that way i can see whats causing it ect. it may be due to my game version which if thats the case it should still be fine and work as intended.


Uploaded at: February 24, 2020 @ 10:00