Infiniti G35 (Addon) by alligator and Goodboygamer

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Infiniti G35 (Addon)

Some people call it a 350GT, others call it a G35. One way to tell a difference is by looking at the badge (if it has one).

This G35 was originally converted to NFSMW by alligator a decade ago, added and remade by me (Goodboygamer)

-Paint (and Rim Paint)
-Vinyls (Now available in 1024x)
-Window Tint

-Performance stats from NFS Carbon
-Available after dealing with Taz (Blacklist #14)
-NFSMW driver model
-Costs 35000

Known issues:
Some 1024x vinyls are "just ain't right"
(Let me know if you have any other serious problems)

Minor issues:
Exhaust flames pointing up at race entrance cutscenes

1. Put the G35 folder in the CARS folder
2. Select a Vinyls option (512x: Stock, 1024x: Recompiled) and move the "VINYLS.BIN" to "CARS/G35" folder
3. Open NFS-VltEd and import varietta.nfsms, save and exit
4. Copy the Ed folder to where you put Ed
5. Open "Ed.exe", click "Main" -> "Open" and search for the game installation folder
6. Click "Tools" -> "Unlock Game Files For Modding"
7. Click "Apply"
8. Make a new save game and enjoy your ride (or just modify your current save game)

-alligator for converting this car to MW from a decade ago
-nfsu360 for NFS-CarToolkit, NFS-VltEd and NFS-TexEd
-nlgzrgn for Ed and the NFSMW Unlimiter


Avalanche (June 15, 2020 @ 06:05)
Love it, wish it had license plates though

Goodboygamer (March 15, 2020 @ 12:17)
@Keufflon no idea what you're saying but ok....?

Keufflon (March 15, 2020 @ 11:26)
You bitch schmuck creature scum spared the CARS folder choke on your CARS folder bastard freak so you nits strangled your cars greedy bastard.

Goodboygamer (March 08, 2020 @ 06:00)
@Valen1991 secret ;)

Valen1991 (March 07, 2020 @ 21:26)
How to create 1024 vinyls?