Improved Police Pursuits - Better Cops by buzby8

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Improved Police Pursuits - Better Cops

This mod aims to improve the police pursuits in NFS 2015 by making cops more difficult and challenging than in the base game. This mod requires Frosty Mod Manager to use ( Simply drag the file into the mod manager and click 'Apply mod'. Once you have done this, launch the game via the mod manager and the mod will be loaded. This mod is also compatible with all versions of the 'Revival' mod by Brawltendo that aims to make major improvements to the games physics ( To use both mods together, make sure this mod is loaded after the 'Revivial' mod so it is given priority. If you have any feedback, please leave it in a comment below.

Police now handle much better at lower speeds and are able to reach their top speed faster, further improving their ability to keep up with the player in a pursuit. They are also now slightly heavier. One very minor issue in this version is that at around 20-45 MPH cop cars tend to 'shake' a bit. This is because their improved handling is now being handled by high levels of tyre traction as opposed to high levels of aerodynamic downforce as in the previous version of the mod.

Mod has been rebuilt from the ground up to make cops more balanced and less frustrating as they kind of were in Version 2, especially during races. Cops are now a bit slower (they now have around 660 BHP making them fast but not extremely fast) and are now lighter meaning they can no longer bully the player easily during a pursuit. Additionally, the faster your car is the easier it will be to put some distance between you and the cops making them easier to evade as you progress through the game and unlock faster cars and better upgrades.

Cops have had their speed increased slightly.


MViniciusDh (April 07, 2024 @ 23:23)
I highly recommend version 2 of the mod. Very intense chases even with 1000HP cars. Thanks for sharing your work, homie.

LordDevorkian (January 17, 2023 @ 02:06)

LindenSD (July 08, 2022 @ 16:56)

I have crated a special Police Mod for Need For Speed 2015 that allows you to have working lights and Siren. (Payback work in progress)
If you like to download my unique Mod please head over to Patreon to purchase the Police Mod. PURCHASE LINK =>
The Mod comes in two shapes of form.
Version 1: Base Mod Lights & Siren (NO-HILO)
Version 2: Z3 HILO Siren for FCVPI and Charger HILO

Majin (August 13, 2021 @ 19:36)
Part 2: I also quickly exited the game right as I got caught so I didn't have to pay a mini fortune after I was building up money from races. But I ended up losing all my money and back to $0. Fantastic.

Majin (August 13, 2021 @ 19:32)
This mod is a good idea but it has so many issues. The cops practically teleport to get to you. They speed up instantaneously and have way to much weight. I go into a 10 minute police chase and I got caught in the end because no matter what I tried, even when I got the police to crash and completely flip over on their side, they get back up and pin my to a wall in less than 5 seconds. I'm gonna uncheck this mod from my mod manager until another update or something. They are too overpowered.

Uploaded at: March 09, 2020 @ 16:40


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